Cavity Production Test Plant - Inauguration ceremony of EBW machine, 2011/7/13

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Cavity Production Test Plant (2011/7/13): Inauguration ceremony was held on July 13 for the new electron-beam welding machine at the cavity production test plant of KEK. The pictures were taken by N.Kobayashi and N.Toge.

20110713Di-0021 20110713Di-0026 20110713Nk-718454 20110713Di-0055 20110713Di-0073 20110713Di-0079 20110713Di-0137 20110713Di-0149 20110713Di-0214 20110713Di-0244 20110713Di-0248 20110713Di-0254 20110713Di-0262 20110713Di-0267 20110713Di-0301 20110713Nk-718476 20110713Nk-718482 20110713Di-0312 20110713Nk-718491 20110713Di-0341 20110713Nk-718496 20110713Di-0342 20110713Nk-718497 20110713Di-0343 20110713Nk-718507 20110713Nk-718510 20110713Nk-718521 20110713Di-0370 20110713Di-0383 20110713Di-0387 20110713Di-0401 20110713Nk-718519 20110713Di-0412 20110713Di-0417 20110713Di-0434 20110713Di-0457 20110713Di-0470 20110713Nk-718522 20110713Nk-718513

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