The first "dumb-bell", which was built with half-cups of niobium sheets that have been forged (deep-drawn) by using
the new press machine at the cavity production test plant of KEK. A dumb-bell refers to an object, which is made of
a pair of half-cups, facing each other at their irises where they are electron-beam welded. A nine-cell cavity would
then be built by joining eight such dumb-bells and two units of endgroup cells. The dumb-bell shown here was
electron-beam welded at a contractor's site for studying the adequate parameters for the welding operation.
The work will continue to exercise the manufacturing technique with a new electron-beam welding machine
which is expected to be installed at KEK in early 2011. (2010/12/04 10:23:19)

SONY DSLR-A700 with AF 70-300mm/F4.5-5.6G SSM at 75 mm, f8 and 1/30 sec,
CWB, ISO 800, Photo: N.Toge

Also available are a TIF (4272 x 2848 pixels) file for printing and a few more shots.

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