STF, September 21-24, 2010

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STF - 2010/9/21: Deep drawing of half-cells for L-band cavities with the new press machine at KEK. Test operation of the 150t press machine is under way at the cavity production pilot plat. Dozens of cells have been drawn out of Nb disk sheets in the recent past. The focus topic of this study is to optimize the shapes of the dies to use for producing mid-cells of TESLA-style cavities to build at KEK and elsewhere in the near future.

20100921Di-0003 20100921Di-0007 20100921Di-0019 20100921Di-0032 20100921Di-0037 20100921Di-0040 20100921Di-0043 20100921Di-0058 20100921Di-0077 20100921Di-0115 20100921Di-0126 20100921Di-0163 20100921Di-0181 20100921Di-0200

20100921Di-0218 20100921Di-0219 20100921Di-0220 20100921Di-0221

20100921Di-0247 20100921Di-0271 20100921Di-0278

STF - 2010/9/24: Half cells that were deep-drawn by the press machine at KEK in the week of 2010/9/21.

20100924Di-0005 20100924Di-0010 20100924Di-0017 20100924Di-0032 20100924Di-0047 20100924Di-0054 20100924Di-0108 20100924Di-0121

STF - 2010/9/21: Investigation of surface defects on the L-band cavities. Scientist is using a microscope to determine the features of the defects which have been replicated from a 9-cell cavity by using the so-called mold-replication method. This technique allows us to quantify the geometrical characteristics of the surface defects much more thoroughly than what is possible with the Kyoto-camera method. Thus, it might become possible to simulate the magnitude of local heating arising from such defects in a more quantitative fashion than previously available. The procedure of the mold-replication has been illustrated previously. This particular sample is from a welding junction of one of the beam pipes of MHI-11.

20100921Di-0294 20100921Di-0308 20100921Di-0315

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