STF: January 12 - , 2010

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STF - January 12: - Components for Cryomodule-C, as delivered from INFN Milano-LASA, for the S1-global experiment. The Cryomodule-C will house two 9-cell cavities from DESY and two 9-cell cavities from FNAL.

20100112Di-0016 20100112Di-0019 20100112Di-0020 20100112Di-0021 20100112Di-0023 20100112Di-0026 20100112Di-0031 20100112Di-0033 20100112Di-003740 20100112Di-0043 20100112Di-0047 20100112Di-0049 20100112Di-0050 20100112Di-0054

STF - January 12: Four units of 9-cell cavities to use at the S1-global experiments (two units from DESY and two more units from FNAL) at the Class-6 clean room of STF, awaiting string assembly. They are to be installed in the Cryomodule-C. Another set of four 9-cell cavities (not shown here), built by KEK-MHI are presently under packaging work, and will be installed in the Cryomodule-A.

20100112Di-0081 20100112Di-0090 20100112Di-0093 20100112Di-0104 20100112Di-0107 20100112Di-0118 20100112Di-0122 20100112Di-0125 20100112Di-0143 20100112Di-0158 20100112Di-0164 20100112Di-0173 20100112Di-0193 20100112Di-0201 20100112Di-0203 20100112Di-0204 20100112Di-0212 20100112Di-0237 20100112Di-0242 20100112Di-0248

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