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Old News

Issue 2 of the LC office news has been posted (Japanese text).
Call for participation in the ILC-Asia Work Groups has been posted (partially Japanese text).
Presetation materials for SC-RF LC Seminar (Japanese) have been added.
Presentation material shown by E.Palmieri on SC-RF Cavity Development has been posted.
Lecture notes, "Superconducting RF Cavities for Linacs" by K.Saito, have been posted.
Added link to the minutes of the meeting on 8/26/2005, concerning the future directions of LC development by the GLC group in the KEK LC Office area (Japanese text).
Added link to Interactions.Org (Particle Physics News).
Minutes of the past X-band Accelerator Structure Development Meeting have been uploaded (access restricted).
Information on 1st mini-Workshop on Nano Project at ATF is available under the nanoBPM group web site
Materials presented atMechanical Center Workshop on Accelerator Development (2004) (all Japanese) are available.

Places to go

KEK LC office (Japanese text)
ATF Home Page (Also, old ATF home page)
GLCTA Home Page
C-band RF R&D

GLC Physics Home Page

Photo Stories

ATF photo gallery and stories.

X-band klystron prototype and related hardware.
Story on testing of Russian-built X-band klystron that uses periodic permanent magnet (PPM) focusing.
Story on testing of Russian-built X-band klystron that uses periodic permanent magnet (PPM) focusing, Part II, Part III. Part IV.

Initial development of permanent magnet stacks for X-band klystrons in Japan Pictures from an advanced stage of fabrication and testing of permanent magnets for KEK PPM klystron #1.
KEK PPM Klystron #1: Subassembly of the output cavities . Preparation (final assembly) for testing at KEK. Test setup at KEK. Additional pictures taken after initial testing.

Story on development of Klystron Modulators for X-band Linacs.
Component development of Delay-Line Distribution System (DLDS).
Development of permanent magnet stacks for X-band klystrons in Japan.

Development of fabrication technology for X-band accelerating structures.

KEK Meetings related to Design Development and Others

LC Suishin Iinkai (Executive Committee) Meetings
Materials submitted to KEK internal meetings such as "Shukan Kaigi" and others. (Mostly Japanese text)
Superconducting RF Cavity Development

X-band RF Modelling Group
X-band High Power Testing Meeting
X-band Linac Accelerating Structure Meeting

Mechanical Center Workshop on Accelerator Structure Development

C-band RF R and D.

ATF operation schedule, status, meeting minutes.
FFIR group.
nanoBPM Project.

LC Design Development Meeting (obsolete)
LC Progress Meeting (obsolete)
(J)LC Design Study Meeting (obsolete)
(J)LC R&D Seminar (old)

Japan-US Cooperation

Archives of the LC R&D reports that have been submitted to the committee of US/Japan Coorperation in High Energy Physics

General information on KEK-SLAC ISG on Linear Colliders
GLC/NLC Parameters
KEK-SLAC ISG Video Meetings
LCC Notes
ISG Meeting 11 (December, 2003 at KEK)
ISG Meeting 10 (June, 2003 at SLAC)
ISG Meeting 9 (December, 2002 at KEK)
ISG Meeting 8 (June, 2002 at SLAC)
ISG Meeting 7 (November, 2001 at KEK)
ISG Meeting 6 (November, 2000 at KEK)
ISG Meeting 5 (February, 2000 at SLAC)
ISG Meeting 4 (July, 1999 at KEK)
ISG Meeting 3 (January, 1999 at SLAC)
pre-ISG Meeting 3 (November, 1998 at KEK)
ISG Meeting 2 (July, 1998 at KEK)
ISG Meeting 1 (January, 1998 at SLAC). Also, link to Proposed new base parameters March, 1998.

World Efforts towards Linear Colliders

Interactions.Org (Particle Physics News)

ACFA LC Symposium Feb.12, Tsukuba, 2003.

TRC-II Report (Interlaboratory Collaboration for R&D towards TeV-scale Electron-Positron Linear Colliders: Technical Review Committee): KEK mirror, SLAC Original ACFA Asian Committee for Future Accelerators
ACFA Joint Linear Collider Physics and Detector Workshop
US Workshop on Physics and Detectors for Future e+e- Linear Colliders
ECFA/DESY Study on Physics and Detector for a Linear Electron Positron Linear Collider

ICFA web site.

International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC).
International Technical Recommendation Panel (ITRP) web site.
ITRP visit to KEK information.

ILC at SLAC (North America).
TESLA (Europe) Accelerator Development
CLIC (CERN, Europe) Accelerator Development


GLC Project "Roadmap Report" (May, 2003).
Report from JLC Globalization Committee (GLCC).

Presentation materials for various reviews.
X-band Technical Notes on R&D for GLC Main Linacs.
ATF Internal Notes on development of KEK Accelerator Test Facility
Technical Notes on GLC-NLC Collaboration on LC development.

Lecture Notes on GLC and Particle Accelerators.
Contributions to recent conferences since 1996.
ISG Progress Report (April, 2000).
LC99 Home Page.

LC2002 Home Page.
LC97 Home Page.

The JLC Design Study Report is available.
Minutes of (J)LC Design Study Meeting (old)
Minutes LC Progress Meetings [Japanese Text] (old)
(J)LC R&D review talk at the 150'th High Energy Committee Meeting (12/19/95 at Univ. of Tokyo)
2nd KEK / SLAC X-Band Collider Design Miniworkshop (11/95 at KEK)
ZDR memorandum of 12/18/95 (Japanese Text)
1st KEK / SLAC X-Band Collider Design Miniworkshop (12/94 at SLAC)
2nd Subcommittee on Future Projects of High Energy Physics in Japan
Other Important Historic Documents related to (G)LC (Japanese text)

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