What's New


Additional Photos: Additional photos have been posted. Details - http://ilc.kek.jp/photos/20090421Di/


Group Photo: Group photo is posted online. Details - http://tilc09.kek.jp/


Program Outline, including Room Assignments: Program outline as of April 16, including the room assignment, is availble. Details - http://tilc09.kek.jp/TILC09ProgramOutline20090416.pdf


Final Circular: Final circular is available. You can also look up http://tilc09.kek.jp/general.php . Details - http://tilc09.kek.jp/TILC09FinalCircularA.pdf


Online registration has closed: Online registration has closed as of the end of April 2, 2009 (JST) Details - http://tilc09.kek.jp/registration.php


How to upload your talks: Instructions has been posted as to how to upload your talks. Details - http://tilc09.kek.jp/talks.php


Link to a public lecture: Link to the public lecture to be held during the time of TILC09 at the same conference hall has been added. Details - http://www-conf.kek.jp/magic/index.html


Clarification on the Registration Process: Early registration period ends on February 28, 2009. The registration fee is automatically bumped if you do not complete your payment by then. Details - http://tilc09.kek.jp/generalOLD.php


Message for Those Who Need Visas to Visit Japan: If you need a visa, you are strongly advised to contact the conference secretariat no later than February 20, 2009. Details - http://tilc09.kek.jp/visas.php


Update on Program Overview: An approximate schedule chart has been posted. Details - http://tilc09.kek.jp/progoverview.php


Update on Early Registration: The period for early registration with reduced fees has been extended until the end of February 28, 2009. Details - http://tilc09.kek.jp/generalOLD.php


Registrants List: The list of registered participants now can be displayed as sorted by the serial number, by the institution, by the last name, or by the country/region. Details - http://tilc09.kek.jp/registrants.php


Program Details: The link has been set up for program details at the ilcagenda site. Details - http://ilcagenda.linearcollider.org/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=3154


Registrants list: The registrants list is available. Details - http://tilc09.kek.jp/registrants.php


Alias for the server name: An alias has been defined so that you can access this web site by calling http://tilc09.kek.jp or http://tilc.kek.jp . Both would point to physically the same server. Details -


Registration process opens: Registration process opens Details - http://tilc09.kek.jp/registration.php


Initial release: Release website with the initial annoucement. Details - http://tilc09.kek.jp/generalOLD.php

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