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S1-Global Experiment

EP Facility Operation

What is STF?

STF is a project at KEK to build and operate a test linac with high-gradient superconducting cavities, as a prototype of the main linac systems for ILC. The initial primary goal of this project is to establish a facility where domestic and regional development activities for superconducting RF (SRF) technologies are to be based.

STF building
STF was built within an existing building on KEK Tsukuba campus. which had been used by the J-PARC group till Winter, 2005.

STF layout

Progress So Far

The STF Phase-1 consisted operation of two units of 4-cavity cryomodules each containing up to 4 units of 9-cell cavities of so-called "TESLA-like design" and "Low-loss design". An extensive set of research infrastructure has been also built during the STF Phase-1. The program of STF Phase-1 completed at the end of March, 2009, and a report has been publised as KEK-2009-3 (Japanese only). NEW!

STF schedule

STF schedule

Forthcoming Activities

The forthcoming activities at STF involve continued development and operation of the research infrastructure such as electro-polishing and vertical testing of 9-cell cavities, and construction and operation of linac units based on superconducting cavity technologies. The latter will proceed in three steps: "S1-global", "Quantum-beam R&D" and "STF Phase-2".

The S1-global (operation planned for CY2010) is a program in which up to eight cavities from not only Japan but also from Europe and Americas are to be installed in cryostats and to be concurrently operated with pulsed RF. The main theme of this exercise is to accumulate experiences on dealing with cavity components from different areas, who in principle abide by the same design principle but would adopt slightly varying design implementations (plug-compatibility).


The quantum beam project (operation planned for CY2012) is a project in which a prototype test is performed on a compact X-ray source on the basis of Compton scattering of laser light by a high-qulity, high-intensity beam from a superconducting linac.

Quantum Beam

The STF Phase-2 (initial operation planned for CY2013) is an experiment to build and operate a fully equipped one RF unit for the main linacs as currently conceived for ILC.

Quantum Beam

Reference Information

STF Installation Photo Diary

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