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1850 Gauss by pulse in JLAB

Dear WG5 Asia menbers,

JLABのDr. Peter Kneiselからニオブ単結晶空洞(2.2GHz)の極最近の高電界試験結果 が送られて来ました。 添付ファイルにあるようにパルス測定では、1850 Gaussを得ました。どうやらこの辺 がcritcal fieldらしいとのことです。この値は、我々の1750+-100 Gaussの予想に合 います。
1850 GaussはILC ICHIRO空洞では、まさに51MV/mに対応します。


Hi Kenji,

I want to share with you some progress on the "Large Grain" cavity research.
We have build a 2.2 GHz cavity from a real single grain ( the center of the ingot
had such a large grain) and tested it last week and this week after baking.
Attached are the results: after the baking ( the cavity was only bcp'd and hydrogen degassed) we reached Eacc = 38 MV/m in cw and ~43 MV/m pulsed ( 185 mT). There seemed to be a global heating as you can see on the attached oscilloscope trace. In an ILC-LL cavity this
would correspond to Eacc ~ 51 MV/m and if we scale the surface resistance with
frequency, a Q of ~ 1.5 x 10e10. Of course, this has to be demonstrated on the "real thing". So we are bulding now a scaled ILC_LL cavity at 2.3 GHz to take advantage of the
single crystal.



How is the US_Japan collaboration coming along?
Also, you mentioned that the single cell cavity ( Gigi's) has been electropolished?

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