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[ILC] draft of minutes of Today's LC leaders meeting


Date : 2005/10/2
Attended: Yokoya, Urakawa, Ueno, Kubo, Terunuma, Kuriki, Fukuda, Tauchi, and
Place : KEK 3rd building, 7th floor meeting room.

1) Toge, Ouchi, and Saeki are now attending SMTF. KURIKI is a
    secretary for this meeting. 

2) BCD issue: TEMPLATE was made by GDE EC in the last EC meeting at
   SLAC. Contents will be filled by WG/GG. One of WG/GG convener will
   be the editor, who is in charge for each part. The deadline is
   10/28 for the writing.

3) ICFA seminar was held in Daegu.  ILC-SC was taken before the
   seminar. Kurokawa has reported that ILC seminar will be in the end
   of May 2006 at Hayama for young accelerator physicist.  The number
   of attendance will be less than 100. Chair is Barry Barish and a
   local chair is Kurokawa. The curriculum committee will be organized
   with 2 from each region.

4) ACFA is held now in POHANG.  

5) The meeting for the budget re-arrangement will be Oct 11 13:30 in
   7th floor meeting room. Note that the schedule is changed. 

6) WG3 : Video meeting for the special DR WS in CERN will be held
   22:00 tomorrow. The room is 222 of KEK 3rd building.

7) As the first step of the kicker replacement for ATF extraction,
   SLAC kicker (300ns flat top) has operated in at the half operation
   voltage on the last Friday.

8) ATF2 magnets: Drawings from IHEP has finally arrived. Deliver has
   to be earlier than the end of the japanese fiscal year 2005, i.e.
   March 2006, but it can be delayed up to May. To keep the deliver
   deadline, magnetic field inspection might be omitted.  Sextupole
   component contamination in the Q-magnets is critical issue. Need to
   re-confirm the requirement for the sextupole contamination to
   justify the deliver time.

9) An article for the Ichiro cavity development in KEK was broadcasted
   in NHK morning news. The program took about 2 minutes. The party is
   now concentrate on the single cavity effort.

10) Deadline for the grants of the Ministry of Education, Science,
   Sports and Culture will be mid of this October. Each group has to
   submit at least two proposals.

Reported by KURIKI Masao