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Fw: Damping ring task force assessments

Dear all, 

Toward Snowmass and BCD, DR assessment tasks are organized by ILC-WG3.

Please read the attached Gerry's mail and the Andy's web page
describing the task forces. The conveners encourage your
participations to the tasks.  Please contact each task leader for detail.


ILC Asian WG3 convener, KURIKI Masao
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Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware, the goal has been set of specifying the baseline configuration for the ILC by the end of 2005. To assist the decision process for the damping rings, we have organized a number of task forces to study specific issues. The list of the task forces, with the co-ordinators, can be found by following the link to "Configuration Study" from:


Thank you to those people who have agreed to work as co-ordinators.

We are interested in having very broad participation in these studies, and I would therefore encourage the co-ordinators to advertise their plans for the work as widely as possible: one detailed work plan is already posted on the above web site. The other co-ordinators should develop work plans as soon as possible and sent them to Andy Wolski for posting on the web site.

Anyone who feels they are able to contribute to a particular area should contact the appropriate co-ordinators.

The Snowmass workshop is only two months away, and it is hoped we will have significant results to discuss at that meeting. One of the important issues to consider will be how to use the results that will eventually be produced, to make the key configuration decisions.

Selecting the best possible baseline configuration is crucial to the success of the project, and we will need significant contribution from the global community to achieve even the near-term goal of specifying the configuration by the end of the year. I look forward to your participation, and thank you in advance for your efforts.

Gerry Dugan

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