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[SB2009-41] Face - to - face Accelerator Design and Integration Meeting, DESY - Dec 2-3, 2009

Dear Participants / Presenters - Desy AD&I meeting, Dec 2-3, 2009

The goal of the meeting:

At?the?December?DESY?meeting?we?intend?to?freeze?the?technical?contents?of?the?Proposal. This is our most important action.
(items 1 and 2, below).


The purpose of this note is to provide guidance indicating what should be included your presentation. A draft agenda is posted on the meeting Indico site:http://ilcagenda.linearcollider.org/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=4255 .

1) Please address the questions and comments listed in the 'Status of the SB2009 Proposal Document' (http://ilc.kek.jp/SB2009/). 

2) Please summarize updates you made to your section, including graphics. (to have been submitted to Nobu Nov. 20).

3) We have received additional comments and questions from Advisory Committees/Panels. Please find these paraphrased or posted in the Indico meeting page. (Direct content from these groups will be forwarded when it is released).

4) Please provide a proposed outline of your AAP presentation. For a synopsis and an initial charge for the review, see the attached invitation (sent November 13, 2009, 0320 US CST).

Thank you, and looking forward to seeing you soon,

Marc Ross (for Akira Yamamoto and Nick Walker)