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[Ext-GDE-84] CCB Response to BDS Change Request - Sep.21, 2006 (CCR#17)

Dear Colleagues,

I am announcing that the CCB response, with regards to the ILC Config
Change Request for the Beam Delivery section of Sep.21, 2006 (CCR#17)
is now posted as


The change request was submitted by A.Seryi on Sep.21, 2006.
This change request is to specify in the BCD that assembly of the detectors
is done on-surface, in a manner similar to the assembly of the CMS
detector at CERN.  According to the requesters, this is expected to reduce
the construction time of the IR-related portion of the ILC, since
the detector subassembly work does not have to wait for completion of
the underground hall; it is also expected to reduce the construction cost.
The requester suggested class 1 for this request.

The summary CCB response is as follows -

1. CCB agrees that the cost change (in this case, reduction) expected
   from this change request qualifies as Class-1.
2. CCB accepts this change request as is, for reasons detailed
   in the Discussion section of the full report whose URI is
   available above.

Additional communication and reference materials are available for
viewing, under CCR #17, at


Some of the BCD files at the BCD/CCB wiki


have been updated as follows -

   ... this is all-in-one MSWord file with CCR#17 in BDS incorporated.

   ... this is all-in-one PDF created out of bcd.20061102.doc

    ... this is the BDS section file (MSword) with edit tracking turned on.

CCB acknowledges that processing of this CCR has taken longer
than what it should have. CCB hopes that this is not too late
for BDS Area Group leaders to proceed with authoring the RDR
as per the global GDE plan.

With best regards,

- Nobu Toge (KEK, Accelerator Lab)
  email: toge@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  voice: +81-29-864-5224
  fax:   +81-29-864-3182