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[Ext-GDE-27] CCB Response to CF/S Change Request of Mar.4, 2006

Dear Colleagues,

I am announcing that the CCB response, with regards to the
Change Request for the Converntional Facilities and Siting
(CF/S) section, concerning the Asian Sample Site, is now posted 
at -


The change request has been submitted by A.Enomoto
one of the co-leaders of the CF/S Global Group on
March 4, 2006.

This change request was accepted as is. An updated Parameter
Section together with "all-in-one" PDF and MSWord files
are posted under "Latest Official Version of BCD" at:


Related information is available at the following URI:


Our apologies for taking more than a week to handle this
otherwise straightforward change request, due to interruption
by a large meeting.


- Nobu Toge (KEK, Accelerator Lab)
  email: toge@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  voice: +81-29-864-5224
  fax:   +81-29-864-3182