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[CCB-137] ILC Baseline Configuration Change Request - Damping Rings RF Frequency

Dear Toge-san,

The ILC Damping Rings Area Systems leaders wish to request a change in the ILC Baseline Configuration, to specify an RF frequency in the damping rings of 650 MHz.

Attached is a document (in both pdf and MS Word formats), with the following information, as required for Change Requests to be considered by the CCB:

- contact information (email addresses) of Damping Rings Area Systems leaders;
- summary of the change request;
- replacement text for relevant part of the Baseline Configuration Document;
- our view of change classification (in this case, Class 1: Significant replacement of existing BCD content);
- reasons for the change request;
- assessment of impact of the configuration change;
- supporting documentation (consisting mostly of emails with discussions of reasons for change request and estimate of impact).

The damping ring RF frequency is an important parameter for the damping ring lattice designs, having a direct impact on the exact ring circumference. Since the lattice design for the RDR is already in progress, and scheduled to be complete by the end of March, we request that the CCB process this change request as quickly as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Wolski.
(For ILC Damping Rings Area Systems leaders: Jie Gao, Susanna Guiducci, Andy Wolski).

Attachment: ILCDR-RFFrequencyChangeRequest.pdf
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Attachment: ILCDR-RFFrequencyChangeRequest.doc
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