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[CCB-123] changes to operations and avaialbility section

This is a class 0 CCB request.
Summary of changes:
As requested by Nobu, I have taken the Word version and formatted it according to the CCBs specifications. 
Details of changes:
Changed the font sizes of the headings to those specified.
I have made the subsection headings italic as the difference between section (18 pts) and subsection (16 pt) fonts was not apparent.  All chapter, section, subsection headings are in bold.
Changed the revision date at the top (but not in the footer, the CCB can change that if they like)
Increased the size of the pie charts in figures 1 and 2 back to their original size so the text that labels the slices can be read.
Put table 1 back into landscape so its text is large enough to read.  Also this put its caption on the same page rather than the next page (which is where the CCB editor left it).  Also, this table was anchored in some way to a fixed part of the page.  That made text creep under it when I changed the font sizes.  I got rid of that anchoring so the table positon will move if major text editing is done.
Somehow during my editing, the footer added by the CCB disappeared.  I added it back in, hopefully correctly.
I have left the two blank pages at the end that were added by the CCB.  I assume they must be wanted for some reason.  If not, then please delete them before saving it to the Wiki.
I have made absolutely no changes to the content (at least not intentionally).

Tom Himel

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