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[CCB-38] CFS BCD Changes

Dear sir(s),

Vic, Jean Luc and Tom (CFS group) asked me to update the CFS portion of the BCD to incoporate the changes noted below (if it is not too late). I have completed the various updated files needed, which i normally upload to the BCD, but upon seeing the note on the BCD, i would like to request approval or direction from you before proceeding.

The changes are as noted in Jean-Luc's email below.

Emil Huedem
FNAL- Fess

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To: <kuchler@xxxxxxxx>
Cc: <atsushi.enomoto@xxxxxx>; <tomski@xxxxxxxx>; <huedem@xxxxxxxx>; <masami.tanaka@xxxxxx>; "Jean-Pierre Delahaye" <Jean-Pierre.Delahaye@xxxxxxx>; "Michael Poehler" <Michael.Poehler@xxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 2:30 AM
Subject: ILC BCD, European (CERN) site.

Dear Vic,

Following my mail of yesterday, I am sending you herewith (as the Editor
of our CFS part of the BCD) paragraph 4.2 duly modified upon request of
Director General.
Could you please either insert it directly in the BCD if this is still
or forward it to people properly authorised to carry out this insertion

Thanks and see you soon at our video-meeting this afternoon (for us)

----- Original Message ----- From: "Jean-Luc Baldy" <Jean-Luc.Baldy@xxxxxxx>
To: <atsushi.enomoto@xxxxxx>; <kuchler@xxxxxxxx>
Cc: <huedem@xxxxxxxx>; <tomski@xxxxxxxx>; <masami.tanaka@xxxxxx>; "Michael Poehler" <Michael.Poehler@xxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 11:20 AM
Subject: ILC BCD, European (CERN) site

Dear Vic and Atsushi,

I hope you had a safe and relaxing flight back to Tokyo, Atsushi..
I hope you enjoyed your visits of "Bella Italia", Vic..
Some news about our contribution to the BCD : upon request from the DG
of CERN, I had to delete our figure 4.2a in paragraph 4.2.2 and to
some wording accordingly. After I draw personnally the CERN Management
attention to the fact that anybody in the world (hence french or swiss
concerned individuals, Authorities and journalist)could view it, they
have decided to remain more discreet with our displays..
We had no time de finalize these modifications today, so I will send to
both of you the new pages 9 to 12 tomorrow early morning.

Best regards and see you tomorrow at our video-meeting.