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[bds 303] Minutes of the 30th ATF2 meeting, KEK, 13th December 2006

Dear Colleagues;

Can you find the minutes of the 30th ATF2 meeting, KEK, 13th  December
2006 ?

The major contents are; R&D plan at KNU, Coupling correction at the ATF
extraction line, Plan and preparation of the 3rd ATF2 project meeting and
Status of magnet support system .

The minutes can be seen at the ATF2 home page of

Your comments are welcome.

Best regards,
Toshiaki Tauchi

-----   Minutes ----- 30th ATF2 meeting

December 13 10:00- 12:00, Rm.425 bldg.3 at KEK.

1. R&D plan at KNU, S. Shin (E.Kim)
file , pdf 32kB, 3pages)
After the last ATF2 meeting, we received a ppt file to show the KNU R&D
plan. Tauchi introduced it on behalf of KNU colleagues.

2. Coupling correction at the ATF extraction line, T.Okugi
file , pdf 136kB, 7pages)
Okugi presented simulation results of coupling correction etc. at the
extraction line, i.e. upstream of final focus system. He assumed that
initial RMS errors of rotations are 0.3mrad at all the QDXs and QFXs. The
coupling correction was done by four skew qudrupoles with minimizing beam
sizes at corresponding wire scanners, where dispersion and matching
corrections were done by local bumps and QMs, respectively. The results show
that strength of skew-Qs is needed to be twice stronger than M.Woodley's
ones ( at the 2nd ATF2 project meeting), while the vertical dispersion is
well corrected. It seems that stronger skew Qs are necessary. Since the
present Skew Qs cannot be operated at such strength because of over-heat.
There is a comment on the rotational errors which have been corrected at
0.1mr (RMS) at KEKB. This is one of major issues to be discussed at the
coming project meeting.

3. Plan and preparation of the 3rd ATF2 project meeting, T. Tauchi
The indico agenda is preparing at
http://ilcagenda.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=1295, which you can go
from ILCagenda-home (http://ilcagenda.cern.ch/) - Machine Design - R&D -
ATF2 Project - Third ATF2 Project Meeting. Since the conveners have been set
to be managers at their sessions, they are asked to update agenda in the
sessions. Also, your proposed presentations are welcome. The contributors
are encouraged to communicate with the conveners.

4. Progress reports from sub-groups
Status of magnet support system is presented by R. Sugahara. The concrete
support bases will be ordered by a bid. They are used at quadrupoles and
sextupoles. They include iron plates of 30mm thickness on each base to
interface between the FFTB-mover and the base. There is no problem to use
the iron plates for enough distance from the beam line.

The next ATF2 meeting will be held on 27th December 2006, 10:00am -,
3-gokan, 425, KEK, TV-ID#=31110 with the KEK Gatekeeper.