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[bds 195] Re: BCD status and WG4 phone mtg

Dear Andrei and all;

Also, thank you for the ranking list.

The list might be useful to clarify differences between small and large
crossing angle schemes.   However, it must be carefully prepared.  As Philip
pointed out, some items must need quantitative estimations,

I have following comments on the list for the moment;

(1) What is the criteria on the luminosity reach ?   Is it the feasibility
at the high luminosity options ?  I understand that the extraction line is
still under optimization especially for the 2(0)mr crossing scheme as well
as the parameter itself, where the goal is the same luminosity reach at the
both crossing angles.

(2) Following rank-2 item should be here in the Rank-1;
"Crab-crossing - best head-on, then 2mr, then 14mr, worst 20mr. Since this
argument is one of main motivations in the small angle crossing schemes as
well as "no luminosity" without crab crossing at the large angle schemes.

I and S.Kuroda will join the phone meeting.

Best regards,
Toshiaki Tauchi

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> Subject: [bds 191] Re: BCD status and WG4 phone mtg
> Dear Colleagues, 
> As additional material for discussion for wg4 phone meeting,
> please find attached the draft document showing ranking of BDS
> configurations - 20mrad, 14mrad, 2mrad, and head-on - for various
> criteria. 
> Such ranking is especially important for single IR, or staged IR
> scenario, and we know that this discussion hasn't yet came to its
> culmination -- there are no data on real cost difference yet, and not
> all physics arguments were pronounced.
> In our discussion, we would need to talk through different scenarios,
> in particular, if we can keep all this options at this stage or if
> we should concentrate on fewer number of options and what are
> (dis)advantages of either decision.
> As for the time for the 1st phone meeting, please consider
> - Thursday  November 10, 6AM SLAC, 11PM KEK, 3PM Central Europe
> as primary suggestion. (The other date already shows conflicts..)
> Best regards
>  Grahame Blair, Tomo Sanuki, Andrei Seryi
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> From: Seryi, Andrei
> Subject: BCD status and WG4 phone mtg
> Dear Colleagues, 
> As you know, the BCD text from all groups is being posted at ILC wiki
> http://www.linearcollider.org/wiki/
> Please look on what is written and send any concerns.
> The GDE exec committee is scheduled to have a phone meeting on
> November 10 and real meeting on November 17-18.
> In this respect, we are suggesting to have an open phone meeting
> of WG4. Participation of all BCD authors would be highly desirable.
> The agenda would include discussion of any comments on BCD text,
> discuss possible ranking of the R&D items and of the BDS configurations,
> and so on. 
> Please reply if you are interested, if you have suggestions or
> corrections to BCD, and if the following dates work for you:
> 1st mtg - Wednesday November 9,  6AM SLAC, 11PM KEK, 3PM Central Europe
>      or - Thursday  November 10, 6AM SLAC, 11PM KEK, 3PM Central Europe
> (Here Wed. hopefully would be preferred, as it does not overlap with
> GDE phone meeting).
> We may also decide to have a second meeting if needed.
> 2nd mtg - Tuesday   November 15, 6AM SLAC, 11PM KEK, 3PM Central Europe
> Grahame Blair, Tomo Sanuki, Andrei Seryi