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[bds 193] Re: R&D list for BDS options

Dear Hitoshi, 

Here are several links to talks about SiD with 20mrad 
and latest with 14mrad:

Talk of Takashi Maruyama at Snowmass

Status of extraction 14mrad optics (including SiD Geant model)
Tom Markiewicz, Takashi Maruyama, at al

IR optics optimization, FD optics, DID, anti-DID 
(including SiD detector fields)
Andrei Seryi, et al

Best regards

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Subject: RE: [bds 184] R&D list for BDS options

Dear Andre,

     I was not talking only about GLD, but also I did not know that SiD has
done considerable optimization. We should certainly learn from those
studies, and there may not be any need for further studies. Could you
kindly point me to them?


- Hitoshi

At 8:57 AM -0800 05.11.4, Seryi, Andrei wrote:
>  Dear Hitoshi and all,
>Thank you for these comments. Could you please clarify if you refer to
>all detectors or only GLD? I believe there are considerable
>studies and optimization done for SiD, and for LDC the studies have
>started and optimization is hopefully ongoing.
>   Best regards
>    Andrei
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>Subject: Re: [bds 184] R&D list for BDS options
>Dear Andrei and all,
>      For the 20mrad crossing angle case, we need to study the beam-induced
>(mostly pair bkg induced?) backgrounds in detector. Some studies have been
>done, but no final words yet since no serious optimization studies have been
>      Best
>- Hitoshi
>At 0:39 AM -0800 05.11.2, Seryi, Andrei wrote:
>>Dear Colleagues,
>>The BDS BCD/ACD needs to be updated before November 4 and
>>it should include list of R&D needed for baseline and for
>>alternatives. The draft R&D list was assembled, see here
>>Please look it through and reply if any r&d item is missing or
>>not adequately described.
>>Another suggestion to consider is to make an attempt to rank
>>the r&d items, e.g. in a similar way as was done for TRC.
>>Please also check periodically and send your comments with respect
>>to the BCD/ACD text itself, as it will be updated this week in
>>preparation for GDE meeting. The text is here
>>and here
>>   Best regards
>>    Andrei