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[bds 185] Re: R&D list for BDS options

Dear Andrei and all,

    For the 20mrad crossing angle case, we need to study the beam-induced
(mostly pair bkg induced?) backgrounds in detector. Some studies have been
done, but no final words yet since no serious optimization studies have been


- Hitoshi

At 0:39 AM -0800 05.11.2, Seryi, Andrei wrote:
Dear Colleagues,

The BDS BCD/ACD needs to be updated before November 4 and
it should include list of R&D needed for baseline and for
alternatives. The draft R&D list was assembled, see here

Please look it through and reply if any r&d item is missing or
not adequately described.

Another suggestion to consider is to make an attempt to rank
the r&d items, e.g. in a similar way as was done for TRC.

Please also check periodically and send your comments with respect
to the BCD/ACD text itself, as it will be updated this week in
preparation for GDE meeting. The text is here
and here

 Best regards