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[bds 168] ATF2 proposal Volume2

Dear Colleagues,

ATF2 proposal editorial board members had a "nano" meeting at Snowmass
and decide:

(a) Upload ATF proposal Volume 1 to preprint arXiv.

(b) ATF2 proposal Volume 2 should describe HOW to realize the project.
    Table of contents and the responsible authors will be
    1. Timeline      K. Yokoya
    2. Organization  J. Urakawa
    3. Cost          T. Tauchi.

    We'd like to discuss the Volume 2 at Nanobeam workshop
    to be held in October.

# To: Yokoya-san, Urakawa-san, and Tauchi-san
# Please send me your manuscripts by September 16th.

I would appreciate it very much if you would give me comments/ suggestions.

Best regards,