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[bds 154] WG4 sessions at Snowmass

Dear Colleagues who will participate in WG4 at Snowmass, 

Your action is needed. 

The tentative agenda of the first week of WG4 is posted at 
together with the names of session conveners who are charged to 
organize these particular sessions (layout & optics, magnets, 
IR design & MDI issues, collimation & background, beam dumps, 
instrumentation & feedback & crab cavity systems).  

In order to organize these sessions, the session conveners need
to receive from you, before Snowmass, all new results relevant for 
the ILC BDS design progress and for the baseline design choice. 

Depending on the amount of material, these new results will then 
be summarized and presented by the conveners or other person, 
or short individual presentations will be scheduled. 

Again, you need to send these materials before Snowmass.
If you are not able to send them well in advance, send drafts/plans now, 
and provide your files not later then August 14. 
Please CC all mails to WG4 conveners. 

Please also send any suggestions on organization, such as new 
sessions needed, etc.  

 Best regards,
   Grahame Blair, Tomo Sanuki, Andrei Seryi