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[bds 152] Re: Alternative 1TeV High Lumi parameters

Dear All, 

Guinea-Pig disrupted files for these alternative 1TeV high L 
parameters are placed here 
See cases 26 and 27.

There are single output files (charged beam and photons) and 
also high statistics results (500 runs) for accurate evaluation of 
tails of the E distribution of the charged beams. 

These files can be used for evaluation of performance of the 
extraction lines. 


The page mentioned above is linked from 
(see Optics decks & related recourses)
where there is also a link to pairs files used by Takashi in 
background simulations. 

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Subject: Alternative 1TeV High Lumi parameters

Dear colleagues,   Dear Conveners of Global Group on ILC parameters, 

An alternative 1TeV High Lumi parameter set is suggested for discussion.
Please see the Power Point presentation here:

In summary, considering this alternative set for 1TeV High Luminosity case, 
one of the criteria was to reduce the low energy tail of the disrupted beam, 
in order to fit to the energy acceptance of the extraction beamline. 

To satisfy this criteria, it was necessary to go back to 300um bunch, 
increase horizontal beam size, and one also has to rely on smaller 
vertical emittance: 23nm at IP and 18nm extracted from DR, with 
5nm left for LET emittance dilution, which is tight but may be feasible. 

Advantages -- extraction may actually work, beamstrahlung is reduced, 
there less incoherent and much less of coherent pairs, etc. 

Two sets of 1TeV High Luminosity parameters were suggested, with 
luminosity of 5.7E34 (twice the nominal 1TeV luminosity) 
and 4.6E34 (factor of 1.6 of the nominal 1TeV luminosity). 
The former also relies on some increase of bunch charge. 

Hope this parameters (or similar derivatives) will be discussed 
before and at Snowmass.