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[bds 150] optics for background studies

Dear All, 

While the taskforce continue work on the 2mrad optics with L*=4.5 capable 
to go to 1TeV,  and this may still take some time,  this design optimization 
should not delay calculations of background for the 2mrad case. 

Complete simulations of background with good statistics and for
different IP parameters will take about 2 weeks.  So, for example, 
Takashi has to start these simulations literally now. 

Also, evaluation of downstream diagnostics require simulations. 

It is suggested, therefore, while the BDS design evolves, 
to use the previous version of mid-June for background simulations 
and diagnostics evaluation. This version was most complete and 
included downstream diagnostics. 

The optics is posted here  http://www.slac.stanford.edu/~yuri/ILC/Decks/
files  exline-20mr-050524.mad  and  exline-2mr-050613-turtle.mad

Please communicate to make sure that the same geometry descriptions 
of the IRs, detectors, extraction line and diagnostics are used by all 
people doing background studies.