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[bds 143] Fwd: [atf2-magnet 47] Magnet Chapter in ATF2 proposal revised; 4 specification documents submitted to IHEP

Dear ATF2 Collaborators,

We have updated the proposal, since magnet chapter was updated by Cherril.

http://lcdev.kek.jp/ILC-AsiaWG/WG4notes/atf2/proposal/public/atf2- web.pdf


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From: "Spencer, Cherrill M." <cherrill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2005ǯ723 11:48:14:JST
To: <atf2-magnet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [atf2-magnet 47] Magnet Chapter in ATF2 proposal revised; 4 specification documents submitted to IHEP
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Dear colleagues with an interest in ATF2 magnets

I wanted you to know that I have revised the magnet chapter in the ATF2 proposal and submitted the revised version to Andrei Seryi. I read Toge-san's comments on our chapter and responded to all of them EXCEPT his suggestion that the details about the chosen magnets in sections 9.3,9.4 and 9.5 were too detailed. I think it is to the proposal's advantage that we have already done so much work on one of the beamline's major components, that the quadrupole design has been finalized and that they are relatively simple magnets to make. So I left all the details in to prove these points.

I revised the section 9.1 to carefully show some different counts of magnets -- one can come up with various total numbers of quads, depending on where in the beamline you start counting.

I would like the Alignment group who wrote chapter 7 (I think, Sugahara-san, you were in charge of that chapter) to read through my revised section 9.1 (included at the end of this e-mail) and decide how to modify their count of magnets in their first section to match up with any one of my counts.

I have written 4 very detailed specification documents that, taken with the 3 drawings we have of the chosen TOKIN 3390B quads, will allow any magnet shop to fabricate the new ATF2 quads to meet our material and fabrication specifications. These specs have been through some preliminary review by Sugahara-san and some of the magnet experts at IHEP (who we intend should fabricate these quads).

I have revised the 4 specs according to their comments and yesterday issued the current versions to Sugahara-san, Kumada-san, Masuzawa-san and 5 IHEP engineeers. I believe these specs are sufficient for them to carry on to the next stage in their contractual process. If anyone else wants to have their own copy of these WORD documents-- please ask one of the 3 KEK people listed above, because I am NOW OFFICIALLY ON VACATION until 15th August!!

Good-bye until then!
Cherrill Spencer

**** Here is the  revised section 9.1:
The MAD deck of the optics has been transformed into a series of magnets, which start at the present end of the ATF extraction line (the last magnet of which is BH4) and can be divided into 3 sections serving different purposes. The first section starts at QD5X and extends the present extraction line by 19 quadrupoles, the next, matching, section has a chicane made from 4 dipoles and 6 quadrupoles (QMnn) and the last section is the Final Focus which has 16 quads, 3 bends, 5 sextupoles and 2 octupoles. Therefore there are a total of 41 quadrupoles, 7 dipoles, 5 sextupoles and 2 octupoles in the ATF2 beamline.

Some of the quadrupoles are existing magnets that will be moved from other positions in the present ATF extraction line. A total of 30 new quadrupoles, 7 dipoles, 5 sextupoles and 2 octupoles need to be designed and fabricated. In this chapter it will be shown that 28 of the 30 quadrupoles can be made from the same design and a suitable design has been identified.