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[bds 134] Snowmass message to WG4

Dear WG4 participants, 

You receive this message since you indicated interest in the topics 
of ILC Beam Delivery System and Machine Detector Interface (WG4)
at Snowmass workshop, or you are subscribed to the WG4 mail list. 

In a few days the WG4 conveners will be sending out suggestions for 
work subtopics for Snowmass, and will send individual letters to people 
with suggestions to be responsible for organization of discussion of 
these topics at Snowmass. 

In meantime, please study and comment on the pre-Snowmass BDS BCD 
(Baseline Configuration Document) which was drafted and discussed 
at the recent BDIR workshop in London on June 20-23
The draft / interim BCD is posted here 
It needs to be further discussed before Snowmass via BDS mail-list, 
and is expected to evolve and mature. 

Please also study the questions to the Detector Concepts which 
were collected by the WWS MDI panel and WG4 conveners. 
The questions are posted here 
and answers will be provided before Snowmass. 
Working together with Detector Concepts and WWS will be essential 
part of our activity at Snowmass. 

Please also reply if you have any suggestion on Snowmass program. 

We hope that we will have active discussion of the Snowmass program, 
fruitful preparatory work before the meeting, efficient work at Snowmass, 
and will be able to come out of Snowmass with crystallized baseline and 
clear idea of the design work and R&D needed for CDR.  

Best regards,
  WG4 conveners
  Grahame Blair, Tomo Sanuki and Andrei Seryi

p.s. If you haven't yet subscribed to WG4 mail list  bds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
please do so at  http://ilcphys.kek.jp/mail/bds/. 
It is easier to communicate via this mail-list which also offers
archive of the past e-mails.