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[bds 122] Re: ATF2 authors, ATTENTION !

Attached is updated section 4.1.

Kiyoshi Kubo

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On 2005/06/09, at 13:10, Seryi, Andrei wrote:

Dear authors of ATF2 proposal !

I would like to thank those who responded and sent updated materials,
and remind to everyone that we need to move forward!
Please make an effort and send your updates for the ATF2 proposal.

As for the proposal editing, I will serve as a LaTeX keeper this week,
while Tomo is busy with other urgent things. Thus, to facilitate the process,
the latest source and PDF are temporarily placed at
http://www-project.slac.stanford.edu/ilc/acceldev/beamdelivery/ tmp_atf2/

In a week or so the latest version will be moved back to the official web site

 Best regards,
   Andrei for Tomo and Grahame

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From: Seryi, Andrei
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 11:07 PM
To: bds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Seryi, Andrei; Grahame Blair; Tomoyuki SANUKI
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Subject: ATF2 authors, ATTENTION !
Importance: High

Dear authors of ATF2 proposal!

Your action is required, and described further below.

As we agreed, the ATF2 proposal need to be completed by the
time of BDIR workshop in London, on June 20.

This intention was confirmed and reinforced at the recent international
meeting on ATF2 design and organization, held at KEK on May 28.

At that meeting, in particular, it was decided to take a two-part approach
to completing the ATF2 proposal:
Part 1: Complete by BDIR Workshop in June, including the scientific goals, project deliverables, outlines of the technical designs, what need to be built. Part 2: Complete by Nano-beam Workshop, including the timelines, work packages,
task sharing, collaboration structure, project management.

It was also decided to focus the design on the optimal optics layout
(the one which is straight, without extra bends) with extended diagnostics section.
The updated optics will be published in a few days.

Many chapters of the proposal need to be updated.
To complete the proposal, please review your chapter:
and prepare an updated version. Please pay attention to these comments: http://lcdev.kek.jp/ILC-AsiaWG/WG4notes/atf2/proposal/internal/ comments/
Please examine the quality of figures and send good quality eps files.

In particular, for the following chapters, send updates
& corrections to the editors:
    *  Introduction & Executive summary
    *  Overview of the ATF2 project at KEK
    *  Optics
    *  Instrumentation
    *  Beam stabilization
    *  ATF DR performance with ILC train
    *  Appendix: "Proposal of laser facility"

The following chapters need to be updated in their entirety
and then sent to editors:
    * ATF extraction line & extraction line diagnostics
    * Kicker
    * Cost estimation
    * ATF2 magnets

The following chapter will be shortened and moved to executive summary:
    * Can we quantify ILC risk reduction due to ATF2?

The following chapter will not be included in the Part 1:
    * Schedule of ATF2, TDR and ILC

The new chapter will be added:
* Strategy for Commissioning the Beam, coordinated by Frank Zimmermann

Please make an effort to complete the proposal in time.

Best regards
 Andrei, Tomo, Grahame

p.s. The latest pdf file 00main.pdf at
does not show the figures. This will be fixed very soon.