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[bds 46] Re: RF kicker problem

 Dear Kaoru, 
Certainly, two different R12 are involved. 
But the R12 from the kicker to septum would not matter 
for this estimation if the maximum kick is chosen (e.g. 2mrad). 
The R12 from the kicker to IP was assumed to be 25m. 

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Subject: Re: [bds 40] Re: RF kicker problem

Dear Andrei
   I agree on your argument about the 'empty' bucket, but
I am puzzled with the accuracy problem. Iwashita san's
scheme is the following, if I understand correctly.
The rf kicker selectively kicks the out-going beam at
25m after the IP and this kick brings about some 50mm
x-offset further downstream (i.e., upstream of in-coming
beam) in order to be separated from the in-coming beamline
by a septum.
  In this context, the relevant R12 is that
from kicker to the septum. However, if you want to compare
the dispacement due to the miss-kick on to the in-coming
beam with the beam size at IP, you need R12
from kicker to IP.
  Am I right, Andrei and Iwashita-san?

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Subject: [bds 40] Re: RF kicker problem

> Dear Masayuki,
> With respect to your second question on the accuracy.
> The 1ppm that I mentioned at MDI workshop was crudely estimated
> as follows:
> If the max kick of 2mrad kick at 25m m from IP can give about 50mm 
> x-offset
> (assuming R12 is also 25m), then we want the effect on the incoming beam 
> to
> be less than 10% of its horizontal size, that is 50nm. This ratio gives
> 1E-6.
> This is accurate only within a factor of 2-3, of course.
>  Best regards
>   Andrei
> p.s. In the previous message "On of the sources..." is a typo, and should
> be "One of the sources..."
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> Subject: RE: RF kicker problem
> Dear Masayuki,
> The bucket refers to the incoming beam, not to the kicker.
> On of the sources of its population is indeed the dark current, as 
> Iwashita
> san mentioned in his reply.
> Best regards
>  Andrei
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> Subject: RF kicker problem
> Dear Andrei,
> There is no bucket in RF kicher concept.  It is a transverse fast magnetic
> field deflection.
> It is a kick of individual bunch and that the reason you call it a 
> "bucket"
> analogously.
> Did you say the accuracy of zero kick  is about a 1 ppm?  Why is it so
> tight?
> It is very interesting.
> Masayuki Kumada