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[bds 41] Re: RF kicker problem from K.Yokoya

   Subject: Re: [bds 40] Re: RF kicker problem
   Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 11:14:39 +0900
   Dear Andrei
      I agree on your argument about the 'empty' bucket, but
   I am puzzled with the accuracy problem. Iwashita san's
   scheme is the following, if I understand correctly.
   The rf kicker selectively kicks the out-going beam at
   25m after the IP and this kick brings about some 50mm
   x-offset further downstream (i.e., upstream of in-coming
   beam) in order to be separated from the in-coming beamline
   by a septum.
     In this context, the relevant R12 is that
   from kicker to the septum. However, if you want to compare
   the dispacement due to the miss-kick on to the in-coming
   beam with the beam size at IP, you need R12
   from kicker to IP.
     Am I right, Andrei and Iwashita-san?

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   Subject: [bds 40] Re: RF kicker problem
   > Dear Masayuki,
   > With respect to your second question on the accuracy.
   > The 1ppm that I mentioned at MDI workshop was crudely estimated
   > as follows:
   > If the max kick of 2mrad kick at 25m m from IP can give about 50mm
   > x-offset
   > (assuming R12 is also 25m), then we want the effect on the incoming
   > to
   > be less than 10% of its horizontal size, that is 50nm. This ratio gives
   > 1E-6.
   > This is accurate only within a factor of 2-3, of course.
   >  Best regards
   >   Andrei
   > p.s. In the previous message "On of the sources..." is a typo, and
   > be "One of the sources..."
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   > Subject: RE: RF kicker problem
   > Dear Masayuki,
   > The bucket refers to the incoming beam, not to the kicker.
   > On of the sources of its population is indeed the dark current, as
   > Iwashita
   > san mentioned in his reply.
   > Best regards
   >  Andrei
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   > Subject: RF kicker problem
   > Dear Andrei,
   > There is no bucket in RF kicher concept.  It is a transverse fast
   > field deflection.
   > It is a kick of individual bunch and that the reason you call it a
   > "bucket"
   > analogously.
   > Did you say the accuracy of zero kick  is about a 1 ppm?  Why is it so
   > tight?
   > It is very interesting.
   > Masayuki Kumada

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