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[bds 347] ATF2 weekly meeting, 8/8, 2:30pm-, 3-425@KEK

Dear Colleagues,

We will have a weekly ATF2 meeting on 8th  August, Wednesday, at 2:30pm;
1:30pm at IHEP, 7:30am in France, 6:30am in UK and 10:30pm on 3rd July at

The place is 3-gokan 425, KEK with the TV conference (31110) via KEK
Gatekeeper.  We change the room to 425, 4th floor, 3-gokan at KEK.

The meeting homepage is
http://atf.kek.jp/collab/md/projects/project_frame.php?project_page=2 .  The
agenda is also prepared  at
http://ilcagenda.linearcollider.org/categoryDisplay.py?categId=64, where you
can download/upload files as well.

Also we use the ILC WebEX system ( https://fnal.webex.com/fnal/mc).
The ATF2 meeting has password of "atf2design".  Since there is call back
service, you may provide your telephone number at the beginning.

Could you upload your presentations or   send me (toshiaki.tauchi@kek,jp )
them before the meeting ?

The agenda is as follows;
I. 2:30pm  - 3 :30pm
1. Suggestion in the Device-list from KEK,  Toshiyuki Okugi (KEK)
2. magnet position adjustment at the extraction line,  Ryuhei Sugahara (KEK)
3. Short-pipe C-band BPM,  Yosuke Honda (KEK)
4. Realignment of septums for extraction, Shigeru KURODA, Nobuhiro Terunuma
If you have presentations and suggestions, please inform me.
Also, any comment and suggestion are very welcome.
Best regards,
Toshiaki Tauchi