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[atf2-magnet 33] Re: Lower flux density from M.Kumada

Dear Kumada-san and Dr  Antokhin
I do not understand what it is about the 50T/m gradient that Evgeny is uncomfortable about -- you have to explain in written detail your reasons for making new proposals, especially when you send them to a list of  ~ 25 people.

We have been asked to produce a quadrupole design for the 25 magnets in the ATF2 beamline by the middle of June and to  be able to make some official agreement with a magnet manufacturer soon after. As you know we decided the only way to achieve this was to use an existing quad design from the various quads that were made for the ATF and that have been measured and are working fine.
We have identified two quad designs that might be suitable. Both of them can generate a gradient of 50T/m and have been measured to do so without overheating, so reaching 50T/m is not a concern. In fact very few of the 25 quads will need to run close to 50T/m, most will be running down at less than 10T/m all the time, and one or two might have to go to 50T/m with certain lattices.

So, please explain what it is you don't like about the 50T/m gradient. If it is to do with harmonics then I will be discussing that topic in a different e-mail later tonight.
Cherrill Spencer

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Subject: Lower flux density

Dear all,

I discussed with Evgeny.
He said 50 T/m is a bit uncomfortable. It is rather expensive.  You must increase the width of the foot of pole to reduce flux density.
We(Evgeny and me)  will propose whether increasing the length of those high gradient magnet is possible.

I have adiificulty to read a table whether there are enough space around those high gradient magnet.
We will be waiting for comments.

If there is no comment, I will discuss with Sugaharasan on Sunday.


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