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[atf2-magnet 20] Re: Multipole effect of Q on beam size

Dear All,

 I have found errors in my calculation. In estimating BN/B1,
factorial N! was missing. So for the case of sextupole field
(N=2), the tolerance was larger by factor 2.
 I also changed the radius r to be 10mm instead of 16mm, and
E=1.3 GeV.

 Please find the new results in the attached file( Excel ).

 SX component should be less than 0.04% for 20cm Q and 3e-5
for FD which would be a problem.
For higher order component( N=5 and 9 ), the tolerance becomes
tighter but still realistic, I think.
   N=5    <10%  for 20cm Q
          <0.2% for FD
   N=9    <100% for 20cm Q
          <4%   for FD

Please check and comment.

Best Regards,

Attachment: ATF2 FF Q 05/5/19
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