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[atf2-magnet 19] FW: Max K1 of ATF2 Q magnet

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From: Shigeru KURODA <shigeru.kuroda@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 14:27:37 +0900
To: <mdw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <seryi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Cc: <toshiaki.tauchi@xxxxxx>, <sanuki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
<sugahara@xxxxxxxxxxx>, <mika.masuzawa@xxxxxx>
Subject: Max K1 of ATF2 Q magnet

Dear Mark and all,

I was asked from magnet group people to specify
the maximum strength of 20cm ATF2 Q.
I think the Quad strength of QF and QD series
is almost constant. It will be varied at most within
10%, I guess. However, the matching Quads( QM* ) would
be changed according to the entrance condition of the FF.
I think the maximum strength of the QM magnets could be
the same as the other ATF( NOT ATF2 ) magnets.
ATF Q in BT, DR and EXT is designed with the maximum
pole tip field of 0.8 T at their bore radius 16mm.
(Some of them are not actually, but in optics design
the maximum K1 is assumed as above.)
It corresponds to 50T/m and K1=2.3[1/m] for 20cm Q
at E=1.3 GeV.
If optics error could be so large to match with QM
magnets only, we could use magnets upstream e.g.
magnets in EXT.
Do you have any idea about this?

Best Regards,

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