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[atf2-magnet 11] FW: Re: Your visit to SLAC in May

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   Subject: Re: Your visit to SLAC in May
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   Dear Cherrill,
   I talked to Kumada-san, and he said he would join us in
   the afternoon of May 12th. So, I would like to talk to
   you and your colleagues on designing magnets in detail
   in the 12th afternoon. Schedule of other two, Masuzawa
   and myself, is not changed.
   Best regards,
       - Sugahara
   Ryuhei Sugahara, Prof.
   Accelerator Laboratory
   High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
   1-1 Oho, Tsukuba-shi
   Ibaraki, 305-0801, Japan
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   Spencer, Cherrill M. wrote:
   >  Dear Sugahara-san
   > You can assume I will arrange for you to meet the appropriate
    > people when you come to SLAC from May 10th to 13th.
   > I recall that Kumada-san said he would be in Russia about 2 to
    > 3 weeks, so he should be back before the end of April.
   > The deadline for submission of our PAC05 papers is May 11th,
    > so some of us may still be working on them when you arrive and
    > it may be more convenient to have detailed meetings on Thursday
    > 12th.
   > I will work out your schedule closer to that week.
   > Regards from
   > Cherrill Spencer
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   > Dear Ms. Cherrill Spencer,
   > This is Ryuhei Sugahara of KEK. I was asked to take care of
   > magnet production for ATF2 by Yokoya, the leader of LC project
   > of Japan. Urakawa-san will mainly take care of budgetary side,
   > and I will take care of technical side. In the actual job,
   > (Mr.) Masayuki Kumada will be in charge of magnet design, (Ms.)
   > Mika Masuzawa in charge of magnetic field measurement, and
   > (Mr.) Ryuhei Sugahara, myself, in charge of general
   > management and magnet supports, movers, and alignment. I
   > am a group leader of KEKB magnet group, and Masuzawa is a
   > member. She measured the magnetic field of KEKB Q- and
   > Sx-magnets during the period of KEKB construction.
   > We are planning to visit SLAC early in May to see and discuss
   > about FFTB cam movers, magnetic field measurement, and ATF2
   > magnet production.
   > Could you arrange our visit? That is, please introduce us
   > the people who are in charge of FFTB movers, magnetic field
   > measurement and ATF2 magnet production. And could you arrange
   > meetings with them?
   > I think we could talk to you on ATF2 magnets. At that time
   > I would like to make clear about job sharing: designing
   > magnets, supervising production (because IHEP in Beijing will
   > fabricate magnets), magnetic field measurement, etc.
   > Our member will be Masuzawa, Kumada and myself. But Kumada
   > is pending because we do not know when he comes back from
   > Russia. Our schedule is as follows:
   > May 2005
   > 10th (Tue) Arrive SF airport in the morning
   >             Appear in SLAC cafeteria at noon
   >             Meeting at SLAC in the afternoon
   > 11th (Wed) Meeting at SLAC in full day
   > 12th (Thr) Spare day
   > 13th (Fri) Leave SF airport in the morning
   > I would like to fix our schedule and order air tickets on
   > Tuesday next week.
   > Best regards,
   > ======
   > Ryuhei Sugahara, Prof.
   > Accelerator Laboratory,
   > High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
   > e-mail: sugahara@xxxxxxxxxxx
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