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[atf2-magnet 9] Geometrical data of the baseline design at ATF2

Dear Colleagues;

S.Kuroda prepared the geometrical data of the baseline design which is an
output of SAD.   Can you find the two data files of text and excel ?  You
can get the field gradient of quadrupole magnets by a formula of
value*1.54/(0.3*length) at the beam energy of 1.54GeV.

The data can be used for estimation of space necessary for instrumentation
(screen monitors, Q-BPMs, laserwire, steering magnets if necessary etc.)
and vacuum devices (bellows, ports etc.) between magnets .

We would like ask you for the estimations.

Also the layout of the baseline design is available on a homepage of
http://acfahep.kek.jp/subg/ir/minutes/transparency/d050413/ , where

 atf-2-ff-r3.4-0504111.v11.s.PNG      - graphic data
 atf-2-ff-r3.4-0504111.v11.eps        - eps file
 atf-2-ff-r3.4-0504111.ai             - adobe illustrator CS file

The SAD input file is;
 ff3.4deck      in the same homepage.

Best regards,
Shigeru Kuroda and Toshiaki Tauchi

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