The mission of the TESLA Technology Collaboration is to advance SRF technology R&D and related accelerator studies across the broad diversity of scientific applications, and to keep open and provide a bridge for communication and sharing of ideas, developments, and testing across associated projects. To this end the Collaboration supports and encourages free and open exchange of scientific and technical knowledge, expertise, engineering designs, and equipment. The TTC organizes regular collaboration meetings where new developments are reported, recent findings are discussed and technical issues are concluded. This time, TTC meeting is hosted by KEK on 2-5 December 2014.

HAYANO, Hitoshi
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee


  • Dec. 2 (Tuesday) AM: for Plenary

  •             Session chair:     Akira Yamamoto (KEK) for Plenary-1
                                                    Coffee break
                                        Eiji Kako (KEK) for Plenary-2

  • Dec. 2 (Tuesday) PM: for WG1 & WG3, CB
  • Dec. 3 (Wednesday) AM1: for WG1 & WG3
  • Dec. 3 (Wednesday) AM2: for WG2 & WG4
  • Dec. 3 (Wednesday) PM: for WG2 & WG4”
  • Dec. 4 (Thursday) AM: for WG5 & WG6
  • Dec. 4 (Thursday) PM: for TB, KEK tour, Dinner
  • Dec. 5 (Friday) AM: for Plenary & Summary, TB report, CB reportr

  •               Session chair:     Hitoshi Hayano (KEK) for Plenary-3
                                                    Coffee break
                                          Camille Ginsburg (FNAL) for Plenary-4

Working Group

Please contact with WG conveners, if you have a presentation plan.

WG1: Module Tests and Procedures
  • Conveners:
    • KOSTIN, Denis (DESY)
    • HARMS, Elvin (Fermilab)
WG2: Module Assembly (-post clean room)
  • Conveners:
    • JENSCH, Kay (DESY)
    • KIM, Sang-ho (ORNL)
    • PIERINI, Paolo (INFN)
    • BARBANOTTI, Serena (DESY)
WG3: High Q0
  • Conveners:
    • CIOVATI, Gianluigi (Jefferson Lab)
    • RESCHKE, Detlef (DESY)
    • REECE, Charles(Jefferson Lab)
WG4: Cavity Fabrication and Preparation
  • Conveners:
    • UMEMORI, Kensei (KEK)
    • MAMMOSSER, John (ORNL)
WG5: Low beta and Crab Cavities
  • Conveners:
    • BOUSSON, Sebastien (IPN Orsay)
    • ZHAI, Jiyuan (IHEP)
    • LAXDAL, Robert (TRIUMF)
WG6: Peripheral Key Components
  • Conveners:
    • YAMAMOTO, Akira (KEK)
    • DEVANZ, Guillaume (CEA)


Participants List


You are free to make your own lodging arrangement.
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Workshop dinner will be arranged on Dec. 4, Thursday 19:00-21:00, at the Traditional Japanese-style Restaurant around Tsukuba center, with cost 60 -80 US$. For participation, please register at the registration desk with cash (J-yen) payment on Tuesday Morning. The precise amount of cash will be announced later. The restaurant courtesy bus (for 50 people only) will take you to the restaurant, and back to hotel or TX station.


TTC-meeting Scientific Program Committee,
Eiji Kako (KEK)
Camille Ginsburg (FNAL)
Wolf-Dietrich Moeller (DESY)
Olivier Napoly (CEA)

Local Organizing Committee:
Hitoshi Hayano, Chair
email: hitoshi.hayano at


Local Organizing Committee:
Hitoshi Hayano, Chair
email: hitoshi.hayano at