International Technology Recommendation Panel
Meeting Four

25-26 May 2004, KEK


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FEATHER : Feedback AT High Energy Requirements
Double Kicker System : Stable extraction of the multi-bunch beam
Polarized Positron
Wire Scanner for Multibunch Beam
Laser Wire Monitor
ATF2 : FFIR Test Facility(under discussion)
Structure High Gradient Test at GLC
Multibunch Photo-cathode RF Gun Test Bench
Purpose and Schedule of GLCTA #3,#4 Station
Nano-BPM Project : Collaboration with SLAC,LBL,LLNL,UK(QMUL,Oxford)
Beam Based Alignment at ATF
X-Band Linear Collider LINAC LLRF System
Ultra-High Resolution Optical Transition Radiation Monitor at ATF
Low emittance tuning in ATF Damping Ring
Beam Size Measurement by using SR Interferometer in Damping Ring
Multi-bunch injector with Photo-cathode RF gun
Main Linac Alignment Correction at Noisy Sites
Beam profile monitor by using Zone Plates - X-ray SR Monitor -
Single shot non-destructive beam size monitor - ODR beam size monitor
ATF Dumping Ring
Low Impedance Damping Ring
Ultra-High Resolution RF Cavity Beam Position Monitors
X-Band Linear Collider Damping Ring
Linac Emittance with KEK Ground Motion Modeling
Machine Protection at the X-band Linear Collider

RF Power Source Testing
PPM Klystron R&D
Solid-State Induction Modulator for GLC project

RF Development
History of key technologies
Accelerator structure fabrication flow
Requirements for disk fabrication
Frequency and dimension
Manufacturing of disks
Toward structure mass production
Power Compression and Distribution Systems for GLC
GLC C-band Main Linac

Site Studies
Site study
Site candidates
GLC (Global Linear Collider)
Ground Motion Measurement
Ground Motion Measurement at KEK

Industry Activities
Linear Collider Forum of Japan
PhotocathodeRF Gun
RF Components For GLC Project
High Power Pulsed Klystrons
Toshiba X-band PPM Pulsed Klystron
Superconducting Accelerating Cavities
Brazing style
Precision diamond tools
High-precision machine tool - Toshiba Machine
High-precision machine tool
Pioneer vendor of HDDS disks
New Bonding Technology
Klystron technology to structure fabrication
X-band accelerator activities at IHI
Potential of machining one million disks
Surface Treatment for Accelerator Components
High quality OFC material supply - Hitachi Cable
High quality OFC material supply - Mitsubishi
Hitachi's Activity (1)
Hitachi's Activity (2)
SR Source Activities of Mitsubishi Electric
Total Ability for Accelerator System
High performance computer for LC
Civil Engineering Study with Industries
Civil Engineering
Development of tunnel technology "KM21TM" of the next generation
Execution of great depth shaft by an automation open caisson
"World First" Projects
Ready for Construction of LC Facilities
Super Stable Support Stand
Stabilization technologies in Takenaka
High ETAS (Endurance Tunnel Arch Structure) method
Underground large rock cavern
Technology for Exploration and Measurement with Tunnel Boring Machine
TBM - for bored tunnels in Japan
Construction Technology for Underground Projects
Urban Underground Space

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