KEK-SLAC ISG7 Meeting (November, 2001 at KEK)

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Meeting Summary

(To be filled in soon)

Quick Meeting Calendar (More Detailed Schedule Here)

Every morning coffee and bread served at 8:30.
Morning session starts at 9:00.

Date AM PM Evening
Nov. 12 (Monday) Welcome, Keynote, Lum Overview, Energy Overview Lum (Parameters)
Energy (Structure)
Nov. 13 (Tuesday) Lum (Injectors) RF/DLDS Testing (whole discussion) 5:30 PM Party (KEK Restaurant)
Energy (RF)
Nov. 14 (Wednesday) Lum Lum?
Structure Structure
Nov. 15 (Thursday) Wrap-up
Meeting Rooms

Compiled Presentations

(As of Dec.7, this area is nearly completed. More PDF files may be added in the next few weeks.)

Copies of the transparencies presented at the WG summary reports will be made available in PDF file format below. The transparency images will be scanned at a resolution of 200-600 DPI. Download the files with binary transfer enabled, and use Acrobat 4 or higher for viewing or printing. Some pages are hard to read online. Print out with laser writers should come out fairly legible, however.

Nov. 12, Monday (DAY 1) AM

Nov. 12, Monday (DAY 1) PM

Luminosity Group Energy Group (Acc. Structure)

Nov. 13, Tuesday (DAY 2) AM

Luminosity Group Energy Group (RF Distribution)

Nov. 13, Tuesday (DAY 2) PM

Nov. 14, Wednesday (DAY 3) AM

Luminosity Group RF Sources Subgroup RF Structure Subgroup

Nov. 14, Wednesday (DAY 3) PM

Luminosity Group (Injector 3) RF Sources Subgroup RF Structure Subgroup

Nov. 15, Thursday (DAY 4) AM
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