ISG-XI, December 16-19, 2003, KEK

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Schedule Table (last updated on 1/7/04)

Every morning coffee served at 8:30. NO BREAD SERVED
Morning session starts at 9:00
Meeting Rooms:

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

9:00-9:30 am KEK new director's view (Prof. Totsuka) 1F Seminar Hall, Bldg. 3
9:30-10:30 am Goals and assignment & KEK activities (Chin)
GLCTA (Hayano)
1F Seminar Hall, Bldg. 3
10:30-11:00 am Coffee break 1F Lobby, Bldg. 3
11:00-12:15 am Performance of SLED-II (Tantawi)
High gradient tests (Doebert)
International decision process and X-band (Burke)
1F Seminar Hall, Bldg. 3
12:15-12:30 am WG assignment 1F Seminar Hall, Bldg. 3
12:30-1:30 pm Lunch
1:30-3:00 pm WG activity
3:00-3:30 pm Coffee break 1F Lobby, Bldg. 3
3:30-5:30 pm WG activity

Wednesday, December 17

9:00-10:30 am WG activity
10:30-11:00 am Coffee break 1F Lobby, Bldg. 3
11:00-12:30 am WG activity
12:30-1:30 pm Lunch
1:30-3:00 pm WG activity
3:00-3:30 pm Coffee break 1F Lobby, Bldg. 3
3:30-5:30 pm Plenary session for ITRP discussion
Near-Future Work Items for ISG (N.Toge)
8-Pack Phase 2 update (Schulz) A thought about how to present X-band to ITRP (Chin)
1F Seminar Hall, Bldg. 3 (Notice: Place changed)

Thursday, December 18

9:00-10:30 am WG activity
10:30-11:00 am Coffee break 1F Lobby, Bldg. 3
11:00-12:30 am WG activity
12:30-1:30 pm Lunch
1:30-3:00 pm WG activity
3:00-3:30 pm Coffee break 1F Lobby, Bldg. 3
3:30-5:00 pm Grand ITRP discussion
Structure 2004 Plan (Doebert)
BPC for Phase 2 Why? (Schultz) >
Tuning Power from the Splitter (Tantawi)
Luminosity Test at and Engineering Test Facility (Raubenheimer)
60 MV/m Parameters (Raubenheimer)
Why X-Band Should be Chosen (Wilson)
1F Seminar Hall, Bldg. 3
5:00-6:00 pm GLCTA tour
6:30-9:00 pm Reception Lounge-2 at KEK International Center

Friday, December 19

9:00-10:00 am WG1 Summary Sources Session (J.Sheppard)
BDIR (T.Markiewicz)
1F Seminar Hall, Bldg. 3
10:00-11:00 am WG2 Summary Klystron (A.Vlieks)
Structure (T.Higo)
Pulse compression (S.Tantawi)
Modulator and all (Schultz)
1F Seminar Hall, Bldg. 3
11:00 am Closing 1F Seminar Hall, Bldg. 3

Compiled Presentations (last updated on 1/13/04)


Mihara PM FD magnets
T.Markiewicz SC FD Magnets development at BNL
T.Raubenheimer Vibration R&D
R.Sugahara Performance of KEK vibration isolation
F.Asiri Vibration transmission and analysis
Kubo, Markiewicz Discussion
T.Markiewicz FONT 2 results
N.Delure Delerue FEATHER
T.Markiewicz Energy flow from e+/e- pairs
N.Phinney BD lattice changes and luminosity
Kubo, Markiewicz Discussion


M.Ross Nanometer BPM's: cavity BPM results and LLNL plans
Y.Honda NanoBPM support system plans
H.Hayano NanoBPM cavity BPM production plans
Y.Honda Laserwire 01 mode results
P.Karataev Optical Diffraction Radiation Experiment and the Beam Size Effect
M.Ross X-Ray Zone-Plate Camera
Discussion of NanoBPM plans
H.Hayano ATF stability and plans for stabilization and long train extraction
M.Ross XSR diagnostic for PEP-ii
T.Muto X-ray synchrotron radiation (XSR) optics
Ross/Hayano Planning and future studies


J.Sheppard Conventional Positron Source for the Superconducting LC
S.Hiramatsu 10.6 um FEL for polarized positron source
F.Furuta Material of anode/cathode for electron guns
T.Omori Polarized positron generation experiment at ATF
J.Sheppard Target studies for conventional and undulator based source
J.Sheppard Update and Status of E166 Experiment
Discussion of source plans


A.Wolski NLC Damping Rings Overview
K.Kubo Reaching 1 pm Emittance
M.Ross BBA and Modeling Studies at ATF
M.Pivi Electron Cloud studies
M.Venturini Beam Dynamics in Wigglers
Y.Honda Fast Ion Instability Studies
A.Wolski Simulations of Single-bunch and Multi-bunch Instabilities in NLC Main Damping Rings
J.Urakawa Planning Future Studies

Risk Discussions

A.Wolski Risks for Linear Collider Damping Rings
T.Raubenheimer Emittance Budgets in Warm and Cold LC's
J.Sheppard LC Source Risks
N.Phinney Risk Evaluation in Warm LC
T.Raubenheimer Vibration Risks

RF Power Sources sub-Working Group

Y.H.Chin PPM Klystron Development at KEK
A.Vlieks Test Results / Plans for PPM Klystrons at SLAC
A.Vlieks Test Plans 2004a
V.Vogel Solid-State Induction Modulator for JLC Project
D.Schultz DFM Induction Modulator Program
S.Kazakov Backup and phase-2 elements made in KEK
S.Kazakov Multi-mode delay lines
D.Schultz 8-Pack Project Update
A.Lounine SLED-II Layout 2 Pack (double sided)
D.Schultz BPC for Phase 2 Why?

Sutructure sub-Working Group

N.Toge Critical(?) topics for the structure team at ISG-11
T.Higo X-band structure R&D at KEK
J.Wang SLAC status in recent structures R&D
T.Arkan X-band RF structures fabrication status at technical division, Fermilab
T.Kume HDDS cell production in KEK
Y.Morozumi Measurement and computation of H60VG4S17 cell frequencies
J.Lewandowski Microwave measurements Peak Amplitude H60VG4S17#36 (avi file) Phase big (avi file) Simag tun param H60vg4s1#38 (avi file)
Z.Li GLC/NLC X-band structure design
Z.Li Progress in structure simulation
R.Jones Tolerance studies for NLC structures
R.Jones Long Range Wakefield-imposed tolerance study in cold LC
R.Jones for N.Baboi Latest result on wire measurement of wake field in RDDS1
R.Jones Beam loading and dispersion in H60VG3
R.Jones Optimized wakefields suitable for ASSET measurement
S.Doebert Status of High-Gradient R&D
V.Dolgashev Standing-wave structure
V.Dolgashev Power and pulse width dependence during processing for copper and moly structures
V.Dolgashev Dark currents in X-band accelerator structures
D.Miller RF processing idea with short and high peak power
P.Wilson Status of a theory for RF Breakdown
Y.Higashi Moly coated copper material for cell fabrication
P.Wilson Why ITRC should chose X-band technology and what we can do to make sure they do!
P.Miller Round-top HDDS and tolerances

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