KEK-SLAC International Study Group on
Linear Colliders -- 1998-2004

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1. What is KEK-SLAC ISG Meeting?

KEK-SLAC ISG stands for International Linear Collider Study Group (ISG) and associated general meetings. The first meeting was held at SLAC in January, 1998, the second was held at KEK in July, 1998, and the third at SLAC in January, 1999.

The KEK-SLAC ISG was formed in 1998, based on a Memorandum of Understanding between SLAC and KEK on development of Linear Colliders, which utilizes room-temperature RF technologies for the main linacs.

The text of the KEK-SLAC MOU is available here (A PDF file that should be downloaded in the binary transfer mode, and be viewed by using Acrobat Reader version 3.0 or higher)..

2. Past and Future ISG Meetings

ISG1, January, 1998, SLAC.
ISG2, July, 1998, KEK.
ISG3, January, 1999, SLAC.
ISG4, July, 1999, KEK.
ISG5, February, 2000, SLAC.
ISG6, November, 2000, KEK.
ISG7, November, 2001, KEK.
ISG8, June, 2002, SLAC
ISG9, December, 2002, KEK.
ISG10, June, 2003, SLAC
ISG11, December, 2003, KEK.

3. ISG Progress Report (April, 2000)

ISG Progress Report (KEK Report 2000-7, SLAC-R-559) is a report on the activities of the ISG. It presents the progress that has been made over the past several years as of April, 2000. The report is electronically available as follows:


pdf (http)
Cover page pdf
Table of contents pdf
Preface and Acknowledgement pdf
Chapter 1. Introduction and Summary pdf
Chapter 2. Accelerator Parameters pdf
Chapter 3. Injection Systems pdf
Chapter 4. Klystron Modulator pdf
Chapter 5. X-band RF Power Sources pdf
Chapter 6. RF Pulse Compression and Distribution Systems pdf
Chapter 7. Accelerating Structure pdf
Chapter 8. Collimation, Final Focus and Interaction Region pdf
Appendices pdf

4. ISG Video Meetings

Information is available here.
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