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First ILC Workshop


Please, note the latest admission policies
for this Workshop (Sep.22, 2004). Read below.

Participation: Due to the very short time period that could be allocated for preparing this workshop, we have to report a very tight situation of the room availability for non-local participants to stay in the Tsukuba area during this workshop. Because of the conflict with other meetings, the on-site dormitory and guest house rooms at KEK are not available for workshop participants.

The assumed numbers of participants are limited to be approximately 40, 40 and 10 from North America, Europe and Asia (excluding Japan), respectively. (By way of exceptions, certain members of Public Relations Offices from major laboratories, up to 5 persons total, will be accommodated.)

Note appended on November 2: The dealine for submitting application forms to participate in this workshop was October 10. The applicants should have been contacted by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) by now.

Finally, prospective participants should also note that the program of this Workshop is heavily geared towards detailed expert discussions.

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