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First ILC Workshop

Working Groups

Work Group Organization:

  • WG1 - Overall Design: Discuss on the overall design including the conventional facilities. The topics include:
    • Choice of the initial and final stage energies and the accelerating gradient.
    • Review of the machine parameters and their inter-relationship. Clarify the impact of their choices on the machine design.
    • Conventional facilities for the main liacs: Two-tunnels vs single-tunnel.
    • Damping ring design: Dog-bones to share the tunnels with the main linacs vs rings in separate tunnels.
    • Positron source: Undulator-based vs conventional designs. Priority of the polarized positrons?
    • Beam crossing angle at the interaction point.
    • Beam dynamics issues. Tolerances.

  • WG2 - Main linacs: Main linac system issues, including:
    • RF power sources; modulators, HV-cables, klystrons.
    • RF power distribution
    • RF controls on the cavities
    • Cryogenic systems
    • Superconducting magnets
    • Cryomodule engineering
    • Instrumentation

  • WG3 - Injector: Electron/positron sources, damping rings, and bunch compressors:
    • Polarized electron sources
    • Positron source system designs
    • Damping ring designs

  • WG4 - Beam Delivery: Collimators, machine protection, final focus, machine detector interface, beam dumps:
    • Everything downstream of the main linacs

  • WG5 - High gradient cavities:
    • Discuss about the accelerating cavities, in particular establishing the baseline performance and going beyond it.

Work Group Conveners:

WG1 Kiyoshi Kubo Daniel Schulte Tor Raubenheimer
WG2 Hitoshi Hayano Terry Garvey Chris Adolphsen
WG3 Masao Kuriki Susanne Guiducci Gerry Dugan
WG4 Tomoyuki Sanuki Grahame Blair Andrei Seryi
WG5 Kenji Saito Dieter Proch Helen Edwards
  • One convener for each working group from each of the three regions has been appointed by the program committee.
  • The conveners are expected:
    • to find working group speakers, working with the program committee,
    • to give the outline of the group in the first day afternoon,
    • to coordinate the group discussion on the second day, and
    • to give the group summary on the last day.

Work Group Scientific Secretaries:

WG1 Kiyoshi Kubo (KEK, also serving as a convener)
WG2 Eiji Kako (KEK)
WG3 Toshiyuki Okugi (KEK)
WG4 Shigeru Kuroda (KEK)
Takanori Mihara (Kyoto)
WG5 Takayuki Saeki (KEK)

Notes for Participants: (Updated: Nov.16, 2004)

  • All presentation materials known to the webadmin have been made available for viewing.
  • If you find any errors or omissions, or if the participants would like to replace the presentation files, the communication should be sent to the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and the relevant WG Conveners.

Old Notes for Participants: (Last Updated: Nov.11, 2004)

  • Please, prepare your presentations in the electronic form. All the meeting rooms for this Workshop will be equipped with computer projectors.
  • During or after the session, the scientific secreatries will collect an electronic copy of your presentation files for web posting and the proceedings. Please, have your files ready for copying.
  • Use of traditional OHP slides is not supported.
  • If you intend to bring your own laptop computers and use wireless LAN connections at KEK, we suggest you let the LOC know the MAC number of your equipment if you have not done so yet. This allows us to pre-register your computer before your arrival.
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