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First ILC Workshop

WG 5: High-Gradient Cavities


Discuss about the accelerating cavities, in particular establishing the baseline performance and going beyond it.

In Short...

Program (Annotated: 08:22, Nov.15, 2004)

All presentations are to be made with computer projectors. OHP presentations are not supported. Please, make sure to give a copy of your presentation files to the WG scientific secreatry (the name shown at the bottom of this page) who carries a USB memory stick.

Day 1 (Nov.13) Afternoon
Introduction : 14:45 - 15:00
Introduction and Goals K.Saito (KEK)

Baseline Design and Cavity Fab Procedures: 15:00-16:40 (Chair: P.Kneisel)
Status of the Baseline DesignL.Lilje (DESY)
Cavity Fabrication and ProcessingA.Matheisen (DESY)
Perspectives for 50MV/mK.Saito (KEK)
New Cavity Shapes for Higher GradientJ.Sekutowicz (DESY)

Regional WG5 Reports: 16:50-17:40 (Chair: C.Pagani)
North America WG5 Reports H.Edwards (FNAL)
Europe WG5 Reports D.Proch (DESY)
Cost Impact of Gradient and Qext Assumptions H.Padamsee (Cornell)

Day 2 (Nov.14)
Regional WG5 Reports (continued): 9:00-9:50 (Chair: K.Saito)
Asia WG5 Reports
    Material Control in Asia for the ILCM.Wake (KEK)
    Preparation Recipes in AsiaY.Higashi (KEK)
    Nb/Cu Clad Seamless CavityK.Enami (KEK)
    New Cavity Design for 50MV/mY.Morozumi (KEK)
    Strategies for 45MV/m Cryomodules at KEKT.Saeki (KEK)
    SCRF Cavity and Future R&D in ChinaZhao Shenchu (IHEP)

Discussions on Cavity Issues: 10:20 - 12:00 (Chair: H.Padamsee / D.Proch)
How to Address the Charge H.Edwards (FNAL)
Nb Evaluation for Cost Reduction P.Kneisel (Jlab)

High-Gradient Issues: 13:00-13:45 (WG1-WG2-WG5 Joint, Chair: T.Raubenheimer)
WG5 Report, ProspectsH.Padamsee (Cornell)
Cost and Operational Implications of the Gradient ChoiceC.Adolphsen (SLAC)
Operations Parms and Configs for 35-50MV/mY.H.Chin (KEK)
DiscussionT.Raubenheimer (SLAC)

Cryomodules: 13:50-15:15 (WG2-WG5 Joint, Chair: K.Saito)
TESLA Cryomodule Design EvolutionJ.Weisend (SLAC)
TTF ExperiencesC.Pagani (INFN/DESY)
Lessons from SNS Cryomodule Fab.W.Funk (Jlab)
Cryomodule Issues and DesignS.Noguchi (KEK)

Couplers: 15:30-16:10 (WG2-WG5 Joint, Chair: C.Pagani)
TTF Coupler Design OverviewT.Garvey (Orsay)
TTF-III CouplersH.Matsumoto (KEK)

Industrialization: 16:10-16:30 (WG2-WG5 Joint, Chair: C.Pagani)
Progress in Industrializing SRF ComponentsD.Proch (DESY)

Test Facilities: 16:30-17:50 (WG2-WG5 Joint, Chair: C.Adolphsen)
ILC Test Possibilities at TTF2H.Weise (DESY)
KEK STF Design and ScheduleH.Hayano (KEK)
SRF Technology Center at Jlab A.Hutton (Jlab)
JLab Capabilities, Plans & Thoughts on Industrialization W.Funk (Jlab)

Day 3 (Nov.15)
Test Facilities, Collaboration, Others: 9:00 - 9:30 (Chair: P.Kneisel)
Global Collab on R&D of Nb Surface, Films and New MaterialsP.Bauer (FNAL)
T.Tajima (LANL)
A.M.Valete (Jlab)
LANL Facilities for SRF Cavity Development T.Tajima (LANL)
Comments on ILC RF SystemS.Tantawi
ANL Facilities to Support ILCM.Kelly
Superconducting RF in Peking Univ.X.Lu

Summary for the Worksheet: 9:30 - 10:00 (Chair: P.Kneisel)
Summary for the WorksheetK.Saito (KEK)
Worksheet Statistics (Preliminary) K.Saito (KEK)
Worksheet DiscussionK.Saito (KEK)

Preparation for the WG5 Report: 10:00 - 11:00 (Chair: H.Padamsee)
Discussion and Work
(If the joint WG2/5 session on Day 2 overflowed in time, we might reconvene at this time.)


  • Kenji Saito (x4243)
  • Dieter Proch
  • Helen Edwards

Scientific Secretary

  • Takayuki Saeki (x4693)

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