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First ILC Workshop

WG 2: Main Linacs


Main linac system issues, including:
  • RF power sources; modulators, HV-cables, klystrons.
  • RF power distribution
  • RF controls on the cavities
  • Cryogenic systems
  • Superconducting magnets
  • Cryomodule engineering
  • Instrumentation

In Short...

Program (Annotated: 08:22, Nov.15, 2004)

All presentations are to be made with computer projectors. OHP presentations are not supported. Please, make sure to give a copy of your presentation files to the WG scientific secreatry (the name shown at the bottom of this page) who carries a USB memory stick.

Day 1 (Nov.13) Afternoon
XFEL: 14:45-15:15 (WG1-WG2 Joint, Chair: D.Schulte)
XFEL and ILCR.Brinkmann (DESY)

Beam Dynamics, Tolerance, Instrumentation: 15:15-17:30 (WG1-WG2 Joint, Chair: D.Schulte)
Beam Operation Experiences H.Weise (DESY)
Beam Instrumentation M.Ross (SLAC)
Beam Dynamics P.Tenenbaum (SLAC)
Wakefield J.Sekutowicz (DESY)
Discussion D.Schulte (CERN)

Day 2 (Nov.14)
Power Source Baseline, Other R&D and Alternatives: 9:00-10:30
RF Power Sources from TESLA for ILC and XFELS.Choroba (DESY)
Modulator Design IssuesC.Jensen (FNAL)
PPM Multi- and Sheet-beam KlystronsD.Sprehn (SLAC)
Alternative Power SourcesS.Tantawi (SLAC)

STF Power Source: 10:45-11:10
KEK STF Power Source PlansS.Fukuda (KEK)

LLRF: 11:10-12:00
Challenges of ILC RF Distribution and LLRFR.Pasquinelli (FNAL)

High-Gradient Issues: 13:00-13:45 (WG1-WG2-WG5 Joint, Chair: T.Raubenheimer)
WG5 Report, ProspectsH.Padamsee (Cornell)
Cost and Operational Implications of the Gradient ChoiceC.Adolphsen (SLAC)
Operations Parms and Configs for 35-50MV/mY.H.Chin (KEK)
DiscussionT.Raubenheimer (SLAC)

Cryomodules: 13:50-15:15 (WG2-WG5 Joint, Chair: K.Saito)
TESLA Cryomodule Design EvolutionJ.Weisend (SLAC)
TTF ExperiencesC.Pagani (INFN/DESY)
Lessons from SNS Cryomodule Fab.W.Funk (Jlab)
Cryomodule Issues and DesignS.Noguchi (KEK)

Couplers: 15:30-16:10 (WG2-WG5 Joint, Chair: C.Pagani)
TTF Coupler Design OverviewT.Garvey (Orsay)
TTF-III CouplersH.Matsumoto (KEK)

Industrialization: 16:10-16:30 (WG2-WG5 Joint, Chair: C.Pagani)
Progress in Industrializing SRF ComponentsD.Proch (DESY)

Test Facilities: 16:30-17:50 (WG2-WG5 Joint, Chair: C.Adolphsen)
ILC Test Possibilities at TTF2H.Weise (DESY)
KEK STF Design and ScheduleH.Hayano (KEK)
SRF Technology Center at Jlab A.Hutton (Jlab)
JLab Capabilities, Plans & Thoughts on Industrialization W.Funk (Jlab)

Day 3 (Nov.15)
Short Talks / Other Subjects: 9:00-9:50
KEK STF Cryogenic System PlanK.Hosoyama (KEK)
UK RF CapabilitiesC.Beard (Daresbury)
XFEL Cryomodule DevelopmentB.Petersen (DESY)
NC L-band Structure for e+ CaptureJ.Wang (SLAC)
LANSCE SRF Lab CapabilitiesT.Tajima (LANL))

tba:     9:50-11:00


  • Hitoshi Hayano (x4229)
  • Terry Garvey
  • Chris Adolphsen

Scientific Secretary

  • Eiji Kako (x4325)
KEK LC Office
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