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First ILC Workshop

Towards an International Design of a Linear Collider, Nov.13-15, 2004, KEK

Participants at the First ILC Workshop (Nov.13, 2004)


In August this year (2004), a recommendation was issued by the ITRP concerning the technology of choice for the main linacs of a TeV-scale electron-positron linear collider.

The recommendation was immediately endorsed at the joint ICFA/ILCSC meeting held in Beijing. Now, a large number of high-energy physicists, accelerator scientists and engineers are actively exploring the path towards rapid development of a conceptual design of ILC, a linear collider, to be realized through a world-collaboration.

With this background and context, KEK has decided to host the "First ILC Workshop", under the auspices of ICFA and ILCSC. The goal of this Workshop is to facilitate the world-wide formation of an international design team of a linear collider. This Workshop is expected to create an expert-oriented opportunity for in-depth and comprehensive discussions on design and development issues of a linear collider, which is to be based on the advanced superconducting RF technologies deployed in the main linacs.

Workshop dates

  • November 13th (Saturday) through 15th (Monday), 2004.

Workshop venue

  • KEK, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, 1-1 Oho, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0801, Japan.


The First ILC Workshop was successfully concluded in the late afternoon of Nov.15.

Our big thanks to all the colleagues, from around the world and from the local community alike, who pitched in and contributed in numerous, creative ways.

The presentation materials shown during this Workshop have been made available for viewing here (plenary session) or under "WG1 . . . WG5 and Comm" (individual Working Group sessions).

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