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This is a repository for the documents, or their links, that are related to IDAG (International Detector Advisory Group) under RD (Research Directorate) for ILC (International Linear Collider).

What IDAG Is

Document Links Related to Detector Concept Validation by IDAG, in the Reverse-Chronological Order

IDAG Report (2009/8/16)

  • ILC-Report-2009-021 - PDF (KEK mirror), PDF (ILC document server)

Post-LoI IDAG Inquiries (2009/4-5)

  • Written questions by IDAG asked before Tsukuba meeting (PDF, 2009/4)
  • Written questions by IDAG asked after Tsukuba meeting, before Orsay meeting PDF, 2009/4)
  • Written questions by IDAG on MDI issues asked after Tsukuba meeting, before Orsay meeting (PDF, XLS, 2009/5)
  • An additional question for the Fourth group by IDAG on MDI issues asked after Tsukuba meeting, before Orsay meeting (PDF, 2009/5)

LoI Documents (2009/4)

Pre-LoI Documents (2009/3 or earlier)

  • Pre-LoI IDAG Meetings (ILCagenda site, protected)

  • Functional Requirements on the Design of the Detectors and the Interaction Region of an e+e- Linear Collider with a Push-Pull Arrangement of Detectors / Parker, B. et al [ILC-NOTE-2009-050] (PDF, 2009/3/19)

  • IDAG Report at Chicago GDE Meeting / M. Davier (PDF, 2008/11/19 )

  • Updated version of IDAG requirements to be addressed in the LOI's / M. Davier (PDF, 2008/11/17 )

  • Revised IDAG Mandate / S. Yamada (PDF, 2008/6/24)

  • Call for Expression of Interest / Yamada, S [ILC-INT-2008-017] (PDF, 2008/3/11)

  • Call for Letters of Intent to develop engineering designs of ILC detectors / Kurokawa, S [ILC-LETTER-2008-001] (PDF, 2007/10/4)
  • Guideline for the definition of a Letter of Intent to express an interest to design and engineer a detector at the International Linear Collider / ILCSC [ILC-INT-2008-018] (PDF, 2007/10/3)

  • ILC Reference Design Report (ILC site, KEK mirror, 2007/9)

  • Major Reports and Statements related to ILC (ILC site)

Chronology in the Reverse Order through 2007-2009



  • 2008/11/16-19: A pre-LoI session was held by IDAG at the time of Chicago meeting. Representatives of LoI groups were invited. Additional issues to be addressed in the LoIs, besides the original requirements, were announced by the IDAG chair.

  • 2008/6/9-12: First official IDAG discussion was held at the time of ECFA Warsaw Meeting. The concept of validation was discussed with the Research Director. The RD delievered the final mandate.

  • 2008/3/6-9: Informal discussion of IDAG members was held with the Research Director at the time of Sendai Meeting. The IDAG charge was modified to simply validate detector concepts that would be asked to interact with GDE in preparation of the technical design phase of the whole ILC project.

  • 2008/3: The validation process was initiated by a call for Expression of Interest (EOI). Three groups, ILD, SiD and Fourth responded. The deadline for the LOIs was set to be March 30, 2009.

  • 2008/2: Appointment of IDAG members was done.


IDAG Members

  • The table below gives the list of IDAG members as of Summer, 2009. It reflects the worldwide distribution of the ILC community and the broad expertise in experiments, theories, and accelerator-detector interface issues.

    M. Danilov ITEP, Russia exp
    M. Davier LAL-Orsay, France exp, Chairperson
    C. Grojean CERN-Saclay, France th
    E. Elsen DESY acc
    P. Grannis Stony Brook, US exp
    R. Godbole IIS, India th
    D. Green FNAL, US exp
    J.A. Hewett SLAC, US th
    T. Himel SLAC, US acc
    D. Karlen Victoria and TRIUMF, Canada exp
    S.K. Kim SNU, Korea exp
    T. Kobayashi ICEPP, Japan exp
    W.G. Li IHEP, China exp
    R. Nickerson Oxford, UK exp
    S. Palestini CERN, Italy exp
    N. Toge KEK, Japan acc
    S. Yamada Research Director
    J. Brau Regional Representative (America)
    F. Richard Regional Representative (Europe)
    H. Yamamoto Regional Representative (Asia)
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