LC Globalization Committee Report

What this Committee was:

The Committee on Globalization of LC was established in September 2001, by Director H.Sugawara of KEK. Its task was to discuss numerous issues associated with how to realize LC through a global-scale international collaboration, and report to Director of KEK.

A term GLCC means "Global Linear Collider Center" and this Committee was conveniently called the "GLCC Committee".

What this Committee was Charged to Do:

The scope of the issues to examine for the Committee included the following:
  1. Define the relation of GLCC with KEK and with the Japanese Government.
  2. Define the roles of KEK and the Japanese Government.
  3. Define the relation of local government with GLCC.
  4. Define the role of local government especially on the environment and the living conditions.
  5. Define the relation of participating laboratories and universities and the governments to which they belong.
  6. Define the roles of participating laboratories and universities and the governments to which they belong.
  7. Study the supervising and the managing structures.
  8. Any other issues.
A copy of the material which was distributed by Director Sugawara at the LC Executive Committee Meeting on Sep.5, 2001 is available here.

Committee Membership and Discussions:

The Committee was chaird by Prof. Sakue Yamada, Director of IPNS, KEK.

The list of Committee members is as follows:

Wulfrin Bartel (DESY), Alexander E. Bonder (BINP), Masashi Gomita (KEK), Hou Wei-Shu (National Taiwan Univ), Kurt Hubner (CERN), Joo-Sang Kang (Korea Univ.), Sachio Komamiya (Univ.Tokyo), Shin-ichi Kurokawa (KEK), David W.G.S. Leith (SLAC), Mitsuaki Nozaki (Kobe Univ.), Stephen Olsn (Hawaii Univ.), Denis Perret-Gallix (CNRS), Yoshimitsu Shimizu (KEK), Nobukazu Toge (KEK), Sharon Traweek (KEK, Visiting from UCLA), Wang Shuhong (IHEP-Beijing), Sakue Yamada (KEK, Chair), Satoru Yamashita (Univ.Tokyo), and Masanori Yamauchi (KEK)

Committee meetings were held on Nov. 19, 2001, Feb. 27, 2002, and April 22-23, 2002. Additional exchanges of information and discussions took place via emails.

Committee's Final Report:

The Committee completed its task by submitting its final report on Dec. 16, 2002. The report is available both in English and Japanese, as listed below:
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