Contributions to PAC1999
March 29 - April 2, New York, NY

This page compiles contributions to the PAC 1999 conference from the accelerator R&D group for the JLC. Some papers, which are not written by the group members, but are considered relevant or interesting, are also included. For full listing of all the papers at PAC 99, go to .

MOP169 -- Study of RF Components for JLC 2×2 DLDS

MOP51 -- Fabrication of DDS3, an 11.4GHz Damped-Detuned Structure

TUDR5 -- Vertical Emittance in the KEK Accelerator Test Facility

WEA114 -- Emittance Measurement at KEK-ATF Damping Ring

WEA124 -- Application Limit of SR Interferometer for Emittance Measurement

WEA47 -- KEK ATF Injector Upgrade

WEP32 -- Ultra-Bright X-ray Generation using Inverse Compton Scattering of Picosecond CO2 Laser Pulse

THCR1 -- High Power Coupler Issues in Normal Conducting and Superconducting Accelerator Applications

FRA14 -- The First Wakefield Test on The C-Band Choke-Mode Accelerating Structure

FRA15 -- Development of the X-Band RF Power Source for JLC

FRA16 -- Challenge to a Straight Structure for X-band Linear Collider

FRA17 -- SLAC High Gradient Testing of a KEK X-Band Accelerator Structure

FRA18 -- Accelerator Structure R&D for Linear Colliders

FRA21 -- Optics Diagnostics and Tuning for Low Emittance Beam in KEK-ATF Damping Ring

FRA22 -- Tolerances in X-Band Main Linacs of Future Linear Colliders

FRA37 -- The Transverse Long-Range Wakefield in RDDS1 for the JLC / NLC X-Band LINACS

FRA40 -- Wakefield and Beam Centering Measurements of a Damped and Detuned X-Band Accelerator Structure

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