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Contributions to PAC2005

This page compiles contributions to the PAC2005 conference from the accelerator R&D group members at ILC-Asia . Additional papers authored by colleagues outside our group are also included if they are found relevant or of critical interest. For full listing of all the papers at PAC2005, go to

FOAB010 -- Present status of Photo-Cathode RF Gun System and Its Applications

MPPE044 -- Damping Wiggler Study at KEK-ATF

RPAT077 -- Beam Test Proposal of an ODR Beam Size Monitor at SLAC FFTB

ROAC004 -- High Gradient Performance of Prototype NLC/GLC X-band Acc Struc

ROAC007 -- RF Breakdown in Normal Conducting Single-Cell Structures

RPAP006 -- X-band Linac Beamline for Medical...

RPPP002 -- RF Sources of STF in KEK

RPPP003 -- Proposal for the Next Incarnation of ATF at KEK for the International Linear Collider

RPPP005 -- Simulation Study of a Dogbone DR

RPPP008 -- Short Circumference DR for ILC

RPPP012 -- Collective Effects in the CLIC DR

RPPP045 -- Single-Bunch Instability Driven by an Electron Cloud...

TOAD004 -- Possibility of Noninvasive Micron High Energy Electron Beam Size Measurement Using Diffraction Radiation

TOPE003 -- Results from DR and Instrumentation Test Facilities

TPAT085 -- Development of a Beam-Beam Simulation Code for e+e- Colliders

TPPT009 -- High Gradient Study of KEK on X-band Acc Struc for LC

TPPT044 -- Beam Position Monitoring using HOM-signals from DDS

TPPT056 -- Design of a Low Loss SRF Cavity for ILC

TOOT062 -- High Power Tests of the Prototype Cryomodule for ADS SC Linac

WOAA002 -- Progress and Plans for R&D and the Conceptual Design of the ILC Main Linacs

WPAP019 -- X-band Thermionic Cathode RF Gun at UTNL

WPAT051 -- Development of Toshiba L-band MBK for DESY XFEL

WPAT-84 -- New Design for a SC Cavity Input Coupler

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