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Contributions to PAC2003

This page compiles contributions to the PAC2003 conference from the accelerator R&D group members of GLC. Additional papers authored by colleagues outside our group are also included if they are found relevant or of critical interest. For full listing of all the papers at PAC2003, go to

FOPL001 -- Technology Options for Linear Colliders

FPAB003 -- A Simulation Study of the JLC Positron Source

ROAA002 -- Development of Electropolishing Technology for Superconducting Cavities

ROAA007 -- Status of the GLC X-band Power Source R&D

ROAA009 -- Progress on the C-band Accelerator for the SPring-8 Compact SASE Source

ROAB004 -- Cavity BPM with Dipole-Mode-Selective Coupler

ROAB011 -- Electron-Beam Size Measurement with a Beam Profile Monitor Using Fresnel Zone Plates

ROPC001 -- Report from the International Linear Collider Technical Review Committee

ROPC002 -- Damping Ring Designs and Issues

ROPC006 -- Normal-Conducting RF Structure Test Facilities and Results

ROPC008 -- Reliability Issues for Linear Colliders

ROPC009 -- The JLC/NLC Baseline Design

RPPG027 -- Impact of the Wiggler Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Impedance on the Beam Instability

TPAB032 -- High Magnetic Fields in Couplers of X-band Accelerating Structures

TPAB062 -- High Power RF Tests on Input Couplers for 872MHz Superconducting Cavities in the J-PARC Project

WPAG027 -- Optimization of the X-band Structure for the JLC/NLC

WPPB061 -- Very High Resolution RF Cavity BPM

WPPB062 -- RF Cavity BPMs as Beam Angle and Beam Correlation Monitors

WPPG055 -- Design of an Optical Diffraction Radiation Beam Size Monitor at SLAC FFTB

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